From the locker room: 'We gotta get better'

semerson@macon.comOctober 21, 2012 

Postgame comments from Georgia players after their 29-24 win at Kentucky on Saturday night:

MARSHALL MORGAN, Georgia kicker

- What happened on the missed extra point?

"I don't know. I just didn't hit it right."

- Does it get frustrating after awhile?

"Yeah, a little bit. But I'm just glad I came back and made the rest of the kicks. I'm glad I made that field goal at the end of the half, and that my last extra point, I was happy I hit it well."

- The closeness of this game:

"Every game they've played here, I've looked at past scores, they've all been close. I think it's the ruthlessness of the Kentucky fans that try to stay in your head. If you make one little mistake, the ballboy dropped the ball on the field, they're getting after him. They're trying to get in your head. But you can't let that happen, you've gotta have a strong mind."

MALCOLM MITCHELL, Georgia receiver

"We gotta get better. You don't wanna look at any game like 'We're just happy to win,' because you gotta play another team next. So we just need to focus and get ready for the next game."

"We just need to focus. We're already a good team, I feel like. We've just gotta focus and handle our business. If everybody does their job, how can we mess up."

- The intermediate passing game was there all game:

"We were just passing. They were giving up the inside a lot, so we just tried to take advantage of it."

JORDAN JENKINS, Georgia linebacker

- How does a team that barely beat Kentucky and got beat badly by South Carolina, hang in there with a Florida team that routed South Carolina?

"Oh, I feel like we've got the talent and the players to be a lights-out defense. But we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. I think that against Florida that we'll play a hell of a lot better because that's our last shot for getting anywhere in this season. I feel like that with that motivation that we're gonna come in this week in practice and work hard, and be ready, and prepare for this game against Florida."

- What are the things that are happening on defense - because tonight it wasn't the explosive plays, Kentucky was able to move the ball.

"I feel a part of it in the first half was me, not setting up, not squeazing down on the pulling hards, because I could've helped there. A good bit on the plays, the seam was opening up pretty wide and if I had closed down more aggressively then that seam would've been smaller. But other than that, it's just some minor issues we'll be able to fix before this game."

TAVARRES KING, Georgia receiver

- Because you all struggled against Kentucky, does that shake your confidence going down to Florida?

"Not at all. Not ... at ... all. It's SEC play. Anybody can slip up on anybody, I feel like Kentucky did a great job of attacking us, had some great play calls and did some great things, and played extremely hard. It's the SEC, so I don't look at it like that. Everybody else may look at it like that. All we can control is what we control, and that's getting out of Lexington with a win."

- The Florida game means everything now.

"It does. We know that. We know that we've gotta win this one. We're gonna go in the lab, look at the film, correct our mistakes, try to get better this week."

- There didn't seem much to correct in the passing game. Was this a case of taking advantage of mismatches?

"I feel like we were just executing. Coach Bobo call the play, they relay it down, the boys make it happen."

AARON MURRAY, Georgia quarterback

- Bouncing back:

"It was huge for us offensive to be able to go out there, put some points on the board and have some great drives. We know we're a very talented offense and we had one bad game two weeks ago, but that's far behind us. We understand we still have some work to do. (We need to) continue getting better but I thought today was a great day offensively."

- On playing Florida:

"We not worried about it. At the end of the day, it all depends on how we play next Saturday. We know we have to play an unbelievable game offensively, defensively and special teams if we want to have a chance to win that game, so we just have to be ready to go."

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