From the locker room: 'You don't apologize for winning ballgames, period'

semerson@macon.comOctober 20, 2012 

Here's what Georgia's head coach and coordinators had to say after Saturday's 29-24 win at Kentucky.

MARK RICHT, Georgia head coach

- The fact Florida routed South Carolina, which routed Georgia:

"You know what, we did know that Florida had won the game, by the time our game had begun. You know what? You could probably find another like opponent and combine that score, try to make a decision off of that too. So you just can't do that. Play every Saturday, and whoever plays best that Saturday is the winner."

- Did this help get the South Carolina bad taste out of the team's mouth?

"It was just good to play again. It was good to get a victory. So I really, I'm not thinking about the South Carolina game at all, so it didn't."

- Was the defense hurt not having Jarvis Jones and Abry Jones?

"We got plenty of good players at Georgia, and I definitely wouldn't sit there and say that because Jarvis wasn't there we didn't play a certain way on defense. We've gotta play good regardless of who's in there. Overall we played good enough to win the ballgame as a team, and I'm pleased with that.

- Jarvis Jones' health:

"But it would be nice if Jarvis is back. I'm not sure he will be. He definitely could not have played tonight. He's working hard at getting better. We brought him along on this trip to get him as much rehab as we could. We knew it was gonna be a long day today, so we made sure he had time to get some treatment with Ron Courson, our head of sports medicine. So could he have played today, no. Will he be able to practice on Monday, I hope so, but I'm not even sure of that."

- What was the reasoning from officials on the illegal shift penalty that negated Malcolm Mitchell's fourth-down run off the fake punt:

"We were told that No. 38, Kosta Vavlas, he was basically a down lineman, an eligible number, that can be a down lineman on a kicking snap. That's not a problem. But he was covered up, and after the shift he was uncovered. He ended up being the end man on the line, and that's a penalty."

- Did they get the call right?

"I'll be honest with you, I haven't dug deep enough in the playbook to know for sure. But I'm sure they got it right."

- Marshall Morgan's troubles:

"I think he's hit the upright more than anybody in the nation, I would think. He probably set a school record for that. And he's probably made most of them that ricocheted. That one there (the field goal that hit the uprights) had to be in there by a fraction. I saw the official (looking up), thankfully it was called good. But I don't know. You practice and it goes like clockwork, and you think you've got it solved. But then you get in the game and he pulls it a little bit."

MIKE BOBO, Georgia offensive coordinator

- Overall statement:

"I keep preaching this: Sometimes you're not gonna have success like you think you are. Sometimes the defense is gonna stop you. But you can't get rattled, you can't worry about the score, you've gotta keep playing. And I thought we did a great job of that, did not get rattled and kept playing."

- The offensive gameplan:

"We wanted to stay committed to the run, so they would be committed to keeping guys in the box. Overall we did a nice job all night. We missed a few opportunities to convert. But it was when we got behind the chains and had some long distance. But give those guys some credit, they played hard and made some plays. Anytime you've got third and extra long your percentages go way down in making it."

- Having a close escape against Kentucky while Florida blew out South Carolina:

"It don't matter. You don't apologize for winning ballgames, period. But the bottom line is we got a W, we did what it took to win a ballgame, that's what we'll be preaching all week. I feel good about our offense. I feel good about what we're able to do. As long as we're able to improve each week we'll be fine."

- Is there any kind of worry about the running game?

"No. No. No. ... I mean you're not gonna be able to run up and down the field every possession. That doesn't happen like that. There's gonna be times you're stopped, there's gonna be times you punt. And the great thing we did tonight is we didn't turn the ball over and we scored enough points to win. That's the bottom line in this business, period."

TODD GRANTHAM, Georgia defensive coordinator

- Did the injury to Abry Jones necessitate playing the nose tackles (Jenkins and Geathers) together for most of the game?

"Yeah, yeah. It kind of affected the rotation a little bit, to keep guys fresh. I thought those guys fought hard and dug in there. There were some guys beat up at the end there. (Sanders) Commings got banged up. (Bacarri) Rambo. Obviously Abry was already out. But I thought those guys kept playing and kept grinding and didn't worry about the last play, and they played the next play, and they found a way to win the game."

- Kentucky's ability to run the ball, was it attributable to personnel issues?

"No, we've just gotta play better. I mean anybody that's out there we expect them to play well. I thought the guys that played, they did some good things. Jordan Jenkins did some good things. Obviously as a true freshman he'll get better as he moves forward. But I was pleased with his progress. He made a great play on that reverse. We actually ran that play on him in practice and it was a lot more successful in practice than in the game. He actually played it better the next day and played it well in the game. That's the thing with Jordan, I see a guy that improves every play, every series, every week, and he'll be fine."

- Jenkins seems to do stuff that you're still kind of waiting to see veterans do on a consistent basis?

"I wouldn't say that. I just think JOrdan's a guy that will continue to play and be a good player for us. Obivously third-down runs were an issue for us early in the game, and we've obviously gotta clean that up and play more physical in that situation, because third and 10 or 11, they shouldn't be able to run the ball."

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