AC Pup: A tale of the traveling tortoise

October 12, 2012 

I’ve got a wonderful story for you today. But first remember to come to the Pet Health Fair at Northside-Wesleyan Animal Hospital today from 8 a.m. until noon. Rabies shots are only $10, with a portion contributed to Central Georgia CARES.

Now for the wonderful heartwarming story I promised. I help reunite lost pets with distraught families. I have a pretty good track record because my Facebook friends turn out in droves when someone’s pet is lost.

I’ve searched for dogs, cats, an occasional bird, ferret and a horse. Now I can add tortoise to that list.

You see, Miss Erin Placzek was missing her beloved tortoise named Messy. Actually Messy is short for Methesulah since they live for 40 to 60 years. But Messy isn’t any ordinary tortoise. He’s a South American red footed tortoise she’s had since he was a palm-sized hatchling 14 years ago.

Miss Erin was a special education teacher looking for a pet for her students when she met the tiny tortoise years ago. She immediately knew her students would love him.

Over the years, Messy followed Miss Erin from Florida to Texas and then Georgia. She and her family settled in Macon more than two years ago with Messy, who was a big 10-pound boy and a cherished member of the Placzek family.

While recently eating lunch in his kiddie pool, Messy managed to use lettuce to boost himself over the side. And so he began his adventure.

An observant lady driving by saw Messy exploring the neighborhood. She picked him up for safekeeping. She fell in love with him and named him Curtis.

Unfortunately, Messy/Curtis escaped from her, too. Frantic, she put up a pink poster for a lost tortoise. Then she learned from her pastor’s wife, one of my Facebook friends, that Miss Erin was missing Messy.

She contacted Miss Erin to tell her she found Messy but that he had escaped from her as well. Unfortunately, the sweet lady lives on a busy road, so everyone was concerned for his safety.

Then Mr. Caleb Hinesley was driving down Forest Hill Road when something caught his eye. It resembled a walking bowling ball attempting to cross a busy street.

Mr. Caleb was kind enough to stop and get Messy/Curtis out of the street. He thought Messy/Curtis was intriguing and named him Kilo.

He took him to Macon Pets, where a customer referred him to Riverside Animal Hospital.

Later, one of the employees from Riverside Animal Hospital saw the pink lost-tortoise poster and finally found Miss Erin. Imagine Miss Erin’s delight when she realized Messy/Curtis/Kilo was safe and coming home.

Every person who stopped to help him is responsible for saving his life. This is yet another example that everyone can do something to help.

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