From the locker room: 'I could feel the pressure'

semerson@macon.comOctober 7, 2012 

Quotes and insight from Georgia and South Carolina players after Saturday's game

JARVIS JONES, Georgia junior OLB

Connor Shaw's running success:

"I think Shaw was reading me. And I made some bad judgments on the play he got out and made plays on. I got upfield and he read me and he took off running. So I definitely take that as my fault."

Bad first halfs for defense:

"I really don't know. They came out, we took our punches, went down 21-0. And they made plays early. They got the crowd into it, and had the momentum and it just carried on for the rest of the game."

The defense not being lights-out this year:

"I definitely think we're still in the learning stage. I mean, we've got to do better. We've given up too many points, gave up too many yards. It's all about getting back to the basics, getting the drawing board, getting better from the ground up."

MALCOLM MITCHELL, Georgia sophomore WR

On the South Carolina pass rush:

"I could feel the pressure. And I'm out there (at receiver). So I know he could definitely feel it. And we didn't contain him. We've gotta make decisions quick, and that's what happens."

Preparing against that kind of pass rush:

"You don't know until it happens. You can guess. You can think about it. ... You don't know it until it happens."

How much life did the team have:

"I felt like we had plenty of life in the third quarter. Even in the fourth quarter, I feel like later on when they kept getting first downs we slowly started getting it sucked out."

To lose like this with everyone watching:

"Terrible. It feels terrible. Even without the TV and the GameDay and all that - because I don't really know about all that - the loss is bad enough. So for people who pay attention to who (else) is watching, I'm sure they feel worse."

Moving forward:

"We've still got life. It's a long season. We've got more games to play. If we dwell on this game we'll lose the next one, then lose the next one. We've gotta stay focused and keep pushing."


The state of the team:

"The same thing happened last year. We lost to South Carolina, and they ended up losing two SEC games so we got to play for the SEC championship. We're definitely gonna remember that, and go correct all the mistakes we made tonight and just continue to win tonight. Hopefully we get some help from people around the league and we get back to Atlanta."

On losing like this after a 5-0 start:

"Yeah, it's heartbreaking. But it's a part of football. Our season isn't over. We still have six more regular-season games. If we win the rest of those we're 11-1 on the season, that's not a bad season."

Losing that badly:

"I don't think that team is 35 points better than us. However many points they beat us by, 28, 30, whatever it was. We just made too many mistakes tonight. Gave up some big plays, penalties, turnovers. The big play on special teams. You can't win ballgames like that."

ABRY JONES, Georgia senior DE

Connor Shaw's scrambling:

"It wasn't a surprise. We definitely knew the ability he had to run. We had a gameplan for it. The problem was we didn't execute it the way we wanted to, and he just leaked out and made plays."

On the margin of loss:

"A loss is a loss, we would've took it hard either way. But you never wanna go out in a game like this and have it be so one-sided."

AARON MURRAY, Georgia junior QB

Rushing his throws?

"I've gotta trust my line, and not worry about what's going on around me. Craziness going on. Like I said, we just didn't execute."

The game:

"I definitely think we had a great gameplan going in. And I give a lot of credit, I definitely think our guys played hard tonight. There was just numerous plays throughout this game that we could've had big plays, changed momentum of the game. And we're definitely gonna see that tomorrow and Monday when we look at film. You've gotta give them a lot of credit, they're a very talented defense, very talented up front. And they whipped our butt."

JADEVEON CLOWNEY, South Carolina sophomore DE

He said Murray was tapping the center's leg before snaps to signal for the snap:

"The offensive line gave away when they were going to hike the ball, so I got a good jump on it and our crowd got into it."

CONNOR SHAW, South Carolina junior QB

On the team mentality:

"We had a lot of emotion coming into this game. We had a great week of preparation. The intensity was up in our practices. We came out of the gate rolling. We were all hyped for this game."

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