Georgia-South Carolina postgame: The coaches weigh in

semerson@macon.comOctober 7, 2012 

Here is what coaches from both teams had to say following South Carolina's 35-7 win over Georgia on Saturday night:

MARK RICHT, Georgia head coach

Opening statement:

"First of all, like I told the team the bad news is we took a whipping. I told them the good news was we all took it together. I don't think anybody could look in the mirror and say: 'I had a great day but the other boys didn't.' I don't think either side of the ball could say: 'We did our job and the other boys didn't.' It was a team loss. We got beat by a very good team that was primed and ready to go. ...

"I thought the momentum was kind of up for grabs in the second half. The score was. We were definitely down 21 and could grab some momentum with a good drive to get things moving in our direction. That wasn't the case. Their defense, just about the entire night, took care of business."

How this game hurts:

"Whether you lose by 28 or you lose in overtime it's one loss. When it comes to rankings and things like that you can take a pretty good whipping, a pretty good beating in the polls. But when it comes to SEC play you've got one loss. Does that mean the season's over for Georgia? No, we still have an opportunity to keep fighting and keep playing better and winning. And if we're able to do that we have a chance to get back to Atlanta. We're definitely not giving up on that thought."

The problems on offense:

"I don't feel like early on our backs, they didn't have an awful lot of space early on. There was some times when Murray definitely got pressured early. And then when there were some times where did protect well and had something open, we missed some opportunities. I think it was a situation where we were gonna have to make a couple big plays to get energized. I didn't see us, especially in the first half, being able to generate a drive. Their front was whipping us."

Is this a reflection of how far you are away as a program?

"Well, tonight we weren't very good. ... The world hasn't ended. And we do still have an awful lot to play for, we've got a lot of games to play. A lot of things can happen. If we can get back on a winning track, a lot of good things can happen. So that's what we're gonna be fighting hard to do. We're gonna see where everything lands."

On his player's mindset after talking about winning a national title before this game:

"Oh they'll be fine. You're supposed to dream big. But they're good men and they're gonna fight. They're just gonna start banging away again because you never know what could happen."

MIKE BOBO, Georgia offensive coordinator

"(South Carolina) made plays when it counted. Too many third-and-long situations early in the game. Couldn't establish any running game on first or second down. And couldn't handle their ends. They're good players, and we had some opportunities. When you're playing a good defense you don't get many opportunities and we didn't take advantage of any opportunities."

On Georgia's offensive line:

"There obviously were times that we didn't handle No. 7 (Clowney), that he made a big impact on the football game. We knew coming in he was gonna be a tough guy to handle. Their defense is very good. We didn't make any plays there in the first half to kind of change the momentum."

Was Aaron Murray rushing his throws?

"We had some guys that we missed, obviously. And we dropped a couple. But when your guy's getting hit sometimes you tend not to trust the protection. But I've gotta go back and look at the tape."

TODD GRANTHAM, Georgia defensive coordinator

Emphasis was on Lattimore, but what about Shaw's success?

"Those were deep balls. We had a chance to (pick off) one of them. We should be able to play that. So we've gotta look at it and see why it happened to make sure it doesn't happen again because we'll see it as we move forward in the course of the season. But if you're gonna be hard to score on and be a good defense you can't give up explosive plays and have that happen. So obviously it's gonne be something we address as we move forward in the off week, this bye week."

The game:

"It's one loss. Anytime you lose it's not good, but it's one loss, and we just gotta continue to work hard and improve ourselves as individuals and take a team approach, and then we'll be better."

Defending Shaw:

"We were in zone. So your zone players oughta be able to come up and handle that. We had the ability to spy him. We did it on an occasion but you can't do it on every snap. But when you're in zone your zone players can come up and help on that. So give (Shaw) credit, he did a good job."

STEVE SPURRIER, South Carolina head coach

Opening statement:

"Obviously this was a special one, there's no question about (it), beating Georgia for our 10th in a row and beating three years in a row a school that used to own you. They can't say they own us anymore, that's for sure."

"I was telling (assistant) Jamie Speronis, this was actually my 250th overall win as a coach, and having it against the Georgia BUlldogs is special, too. That's a team that used to beat my alma mater very well. I've been fortunate as a coach against them, not so much as a player, but as a coach that was special."

LORENZO WARD, South Carolina defensive coordinator

On stopping Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall:

"We made a conscious effort to not let them go on the outside. If you go back and watch them in every ball game they played, they make their plays by getting on the perimeter. We had a conscious effort to keep them on the inside."

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