Brickyard gets rolling

Macon TelegraphOctober 5, 2012 

The Brickyard is back.

And here's the field

A look at the teams participating in this weekend’s Brickyard Collegiate:

   College of Charleston

 Head coach: Mark McEntire.

   Brickyard appearances: 1 (2011).

   Best finish: 13th, 898, +34.

   Lineup: Zach Munroe, Alex Ellis, Neil Gowan, J.D. Hudson, Daniel Kim.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 88.


North Florida

 Head coach: Scott Schroeder.

   Brickyard appearances: 3 (2009-11).

   Best finish: 3rd (2011), 868, +4.

   Lineup: M.J. Maguire, Joey Petronio, Austin Padova, Joe Stepnes, Taylor Hancock.

   Individuals: Joey Marino.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 13.


   Colorado State

Head coach: Christian Newton.

   Brickyard appearances: 2 (2010-11).

   Best finish: 11th (2010, 2011), 892, +28 (2010), 894, +30 (2011).

   Lineup: Kirby Pettitt, Parker Edens, Jordan Wetsch, Cameron Harrell, Kory Harrell.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 63.


   South Florida

Head coach: Chris Malloy

   Brickyard appearances: None.

   Lineup: Trey Valentine, Chase Koepka, Jeffrey Meltzer, Branden Collins, Richard James.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 97.



Head coach: Jamie Bermel.

   Brickyard appearances: None.

   Lineup: Chris Gilbert, Alex Gutesha, Stan Gautier, Dylan McClure, Jackson Foth.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 131.



Head coach: Ryan Hybl.

   Brickyard appearances: 2 (2010-11).

   Best finish: T-8th (2011), 890, +26.

   Lineup: Michael Schoolcraft, Abe Ancer, Beau Titsworth, Michael Gellerman, Eloy Gonzalez.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 97.



Head coach: Chris Haack.

   Brickyard appearances: 5 (2007-11).

   Best finish: 1st (2007, 2008, 2010), 831, -33 (2007), 859, +19 (2008), 857, -7 (2011).

   Lineup: T.J. Mitchell, Brian Carter, Nicholas Reach, Sepp Straka, Lee McCoy.

   Individuals: Keith Mitchell, Sam Straka.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 24.



 Head coach: Steve Bradley.

   Brickyard appearances: 5 (2007-11).

   Best finish: T-8th (2011), 890, +26

   Lineup: Hans Reimers, Trey Rule, Jeffrey Heinicka Jr., Thomas Holmes, James Beale.

   Individuals: John Gregory Joseph, Michael Hirthler, Alex Street.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 92.


   Georgia State

Head coach: Joe Inman.

   Brickyard appearances: None.

   Lineup: Jonathan Grey, Davin White, Tyler Gruca, Damon Stephenson, Grant Cagle.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 114.


   Georgia Tech

 Head coach: Bruce Heppler.

   Brickyard appearances: 5 (2007-11).

   Best finish: 1st (2011), 848, -16

   Lineup: Ollie Schniederjans, Anders Albertson, Bo Andrews, Seth Reeves, Richy Werenski.

   Individuals: Drew Czuchry, Michael Hines.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 8


   Augusta State

 Head coach: Kevin McPherson.

   Brickyard appearances: 4 (2008-11).

   Best Finish: 1st (2009), 563, -13.

   Lineup: Meechai Padungsiriseth, Cody Shafer, Derek Chang, Alex Wennstam, Robin Peterson.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 44.



 Head coach: Will Green.

   Brickyard appearances: None.

   Lineup: Bernie D’Amato, Greg Jarmas, Quinlan Prchal, Nicholas Ricci, Matt Gerber.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 179.


   Virginia Tech

Head coach: Jay Hardwick.

   Brickyard appearances: 4 (2008-11).

   Best finish: 5th (2008, 2011), 875, +35 (2008), 872, +8 (2011).

   Lineup: Mikey Moyers, Trevor Cone, Maclain Huge, Bryce Chalkley, Jacob Everts.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 46.


   Air Force

 Head coach: George Koury.

   Brickyard appearances: 1 (2011).

   Best finish: 15th (2011), 914, +50.

   Lineup: Kyle Westmoreland, Andrew Hoops, Jack Howard, Todd Berglund, Phillip Colwell.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 156.



 Head coach: Mark Guhne.

   Brickyard appearances: 4 (2008-11).

   Best finish: T-2nd (2009), 576, E.

   Lineup: Chris Robb, Liam Johnston, Benni Weilguni, Michael Monroe, Davis Bunn.

   Golfweek preseason ranking: 32.




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