Week 4 Best of the Best

Macon TelegraphOctober 3, 2012 


Top Scorer: Cam Newton 

    Finally.  It's about time the fantasy darling from last year started producing.  Cam did everything to give the Panthers a chance to win but that last hail mary was the nail in their coffin.  When Cam rushes for over 50 yards his team had an incredible record of 7-2, but his fantasy high point couldn;t reel in the win.  Still 3 total touchdowns and almost a hundred yards rushing!

Honorable Mention: Tom Brady

   For a good half this looked like a quarterback duel and perhaps even a good game.  But in typical Bellichick foot on the throat style the Patriots turned it up and unrelented in the 4th quarter.  Brady added a sneak touchdown to match his three in the air and 340 yards passing.  Gronk's return helped pad his stellar numbers

Goat: Tony Romo

     Tony Romo is the goat for the second consecutive week.  His completion percentage of over 70 is great and his 300+ yards are reassuring but if you played in a league that deducted for interceptions he hurt you with his 5.  Some of those are on the receiver but you don't get fantasy points for excuses.  His day could have been slightly salvaged had the last garbage touchdown not been thrown by his backup Orton


Top Scorer: Stevan Ridley

   On a week in which Brandon Bolden will be the hot free agent pickup Stevan Ridley still proved he's worth owning and starting in fantasy.  It was a quiet week all around for runningbacks really in a wild passing matchup fest but his two touchdowns on the ground and over a hundred yards rushing make him the best

Honorable Mention: Brandon Bolden / Marshawn Lynch

   So the Patriots have the top quarterback and the top two runningbacks?  No wonder the Pats put up 50 on poor Buffalo.  Bolden broke out and in typical confusing Bellichick fashion the runningback beast in New England will be three headed (maybe even four if Vereen shows up).  He broke big runs and lead the team in rushing yards.  Marshawn Lynch has been a consistent producer this year.  I hope you weren't worried about his off season law troubles and drafted him high.  He actually had decent receiving numbers (37 yards) to push him over 150 total yards as he was the Seahawk offense

Goat: Darren McFadden / Doug Martin / C.J. Spiller

   Doug Martin may be the truest goat of the bunch.  What looked like a workhorse run first offense merely gave him no touches last week against the Redskins.  Washington was playing a ball control offense and when Tampa did have the ball they needed to throw to stay competitive.  Blount had almost an equal share in carries.  We'll hope this trend doesn't continue moving forward.  C.J. Spiller took the bench as Fred Jackson returned to the starting lineup - so much for that free agent pickup.  And McFadden couldn't run on Denver's defense and then his team was too far behind to really use him all that much


Top Scorer: Brian Hartline

   Safe to say that no one started the No.1 wideout in fantasy this past weekend unless you played in the deepest of leagues.  Actually Hartline was pedestrian really until the second half when he caught an 80 yard touchdown and then kept catching as his team fought back.  His stat line of 12 catches for 253 yards may be hard for any single pass catcher to best this entire year.

Honorable Mention: Roddy White

   Something really is up with Julio Jones' hand.  He's on the field but doesn't warrant hardly any targets.  We know he's battling with an injury.  But his struggles on the fantasy field have cashed in big for the wiley veteran. 30 year old Roddy's 50 yard bomb helped his team win and he catches the best sideline routes of any receiver in football bar none.  8 catches 169 yards 2 touchdowns.  Yessir.

Goat: Julio Jones / Jeremy Maclin / Stevie Johnson

   I've already touched on Julio.  But Jeremy Maclin had but one seven yard catch that was his only target late in the game.  He was still out there but Vick just wasn't looking in his direction.  His hip injury may be keeping him from being explosive and therefore open.  Stevie Johnson needed a big game to help his team stay competitve but two catches for 23 yards when you're supposedly a No.1 target will always guarantee you a stay on the week's goat list.


Top Scorer: Scott Chandler

   Scott Chandler is turning a great season for a tight end.  He's available in 73% of leagues, so if you're looking at bye week trouble owning Witten or Pettigrew you might want to roll with the steady producer Chandler who really is Fitzpatrick's favorite red zone option.  He only totaled 62 yards on 4 catches but 2 of them were for first half touchdowns

Honorable Mention: Jason Witten / Rob Gronkowski

   Jason Witten has made a goat list or two this year so it was good to see him rebound.  Granted his late touchdown was in garbage time (which helped me win in one league) but you can't fake a whopping 13 catches in one week.  If you played in a points per reception league he was truly gold.  And speaking of highly touted tight ends returning we had a Gronk sighting as he surpassed 100 yards adding a touchdown to the Patriots blowout.

Goat: Vernon Davis / Jermaine Gresham / Jacob Tamme

   All of these players suffered from their teams opening up big leads and not needing them to throw the ball.  Jermaine and Jacob each had five catches a piece which means they did their damage short producing under 50 yards respectively.  Vernon Davis will rebound, his team will need him in the competitive games.


Top Scorer: San Francisco 49ers

   Get ready for a nice stat line.  A shutout is always ideal but what else?  3 sacks - 4 total turnover (3 INTS) a blocked kick and a defensive touchdown.  New York didn't need help looking bad cuz they can do that on their own but my o my, the 49ers are the unquestioned best defense in the league.  Did I mention they only allowed 145 total yards??!?

Honorable Mention: Minnesota Vikings

     Seriously.  Where are the Detroit Lions?  The Vikings continued the Lions poor offensive producing season with some strong defensive as well as special teams play.  They scored on a punt and kickoff return for touchdowns.  They also added 5 sacks and kept a potent Stafford offense under 14 points.  A strong effort here.

Goat: Green Bay Packers

     Green Bay really just had the misfortune of playing a great offense looking to prove something.  But if you watched this game they played a lot of loose zone coverage that allowed chunks of yards to be completed up the middle.  Drew Brees and company had almost 500 total yards and should have scored 30 points had Hartley made a makeable game winning field goal.  No turnovers here and Brees quick release meant only 2 sacks for the Pack

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