October 3, 2012 

Dudley, Kimantae C’zarkhan, born Aug. 25 to Brittany Reeves and Kimani Dudley of Warner Robins.

Minter, Chandler Erin, born Aug. 25 to Eric and Latonya (Colbert) Minter of Kathleen.

Bohannon, Cassidy Alyse, born Aug. 26 to Blake and Lauren (Lawson) Bohannon of Hawkinsville.

Alcantar, Anneliese, born Aug. 27 to Maria Lemus and Noe Alcantar of Fort Valley.

Baker, Samantha Marie, born Aug. 27 to Katrina Stewart and Donald Baker of Fort Valley.

McKinsey, Gracie Leigh Gail, born Aug. 27 to Mark and Crystal McKinsey of Vienna.

Patel, Dhihan, born Aug. 27 to Alpesh and Rupal Patel of Byron.

Quinn, Caroline Faith, born Aug. 27 to Kattie (Austin) Milburn and Jonathan Quinn of Byron.

Salter, Kolton James, born Aug. 27 to Thomas and Robyn (Mains) Salter of Warner Robins.

Watson, Charles Joseph, born Aug. 27 to Ryan and Christina (Hughes) Watson of Centerville.

West, Kullen Henry, born Aug. 27 to Chanell Maney and Jeffrey West of Marshallville.

Evans, R’Nautica LaShay, born Aug. 28 to Sharkesha Lucas and Robert Evans III of Perry.

Ham, Peyton Riley, born Aug. 28 to Corey and Kathryn Ham of Warner Robins.

Horne, Gabriel Blayke, born Aug. 28 to Justin and Amber (Howell) Horne of Eastman.

Winters, Jace Matthew, born Aug. 28 to Josh and Amanda (Rynders) Winters of Warner Robins.

Brown, Elijah Trevion, born Aug. 29 to Rufus J. and Keshel Brown of Warner Robins.

Montero, Daniela Rose Russell, born Aug. 29 to Brandon and Patricia (Montero) Russell of Warner Robins.

O’Connor, Addison Rilee, born Aug. 29 to Shannon Hooker and David O’Connor of Byron.

Smith, Lewis Lecarter Jr., born Aug. 29 to Shaylia (Davis) Smith and Lewis Smith Sr. of Warner Robins.

Thompson, Leila Yvonne, born Aug. 29 to Shannon Davis and T. J. Thompson of Warner Robins.

Van Buslark, Jude Forrest, born Aug. 29 to John and Etolia (Knight) Van Buslark of Warner Robins.

Bellard, Autumn Grace, born Aug. 30 to Candice Bellard of Warner Robins.

Brou, Jean William, born Aug. 30 to Jean and Ange (Yao) Brou of Warner Robins.

Gordon, Khloe Re’Erica, born Aug. 30 to Jacinto and Erica (Durham) Gordon of Warner Robins.

Wafford, Jahlia Raine, born Aug. 30 to Sharrica (Keen) Wafford and Jimmie Wafford III of Warner Robins.

Heath, Logan Edward, born Aug. 31 to Rachel Carver and Matthew Heath of Warner Robins.

Keplinger, Greyson Kai, born Aug. 31 to Christopher and Kristine (Graham) Keplinger of Kathleen.

McLemore, Brayden Michael, born Aug. 31 to Randall and Angel (Trafficano) McLemore of Warner Robins.

Muniz, Josue Julian, born Aug. 31 to Juan and Crystal (Hayward) Muniz Rodriguez of Warner Robins.

Oneill, Ca’miya Leilani, born Aug. 31 to Chantea Cromartie and Shaquille Oneill of Warner Robins.

Turner, Braylen Ma’lik, born Aug. 31 to Reshell Turner of Reynolds.

Strawmier, Caitlyn Jade, born Sept. 1 to Patricia (Osorio) Strawmier and Edward Strawmier Jr. of Warner Robins.

Travis, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, born Sept. 1 to Matthew and Laura (Bryant) Travis of Warner Robins.

Adams, Javarius Marquise, born Sept. 2 to Kerry Dexter and Javon Adams of Hawkinsville.

Gaitana Mia, born Sept. 2 to Keith and Vanessa (Gonzalez) Capra of Bonaire.

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