Spurrier: 'This is a huge game. We all know it'

semerson@macon.comSeptember 30, 2012 

ATHENS - The last time ESPN's "Game-Day" originated from a South Carolina game, the home team knocked off unbeaten Alabama in 2010. As Lee Corso and company pack up again for Columbia, obviously Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier is hoping for a similar result against Georgia.

"Obviously that was one of the best days in Carolina football history," Spurrier said. "So it adds to the importance of the game. It sort of lets the world know, the country know, hey South Carolina is pretty good. We're not quite where we want to be yet but we're up there amongst them, and hopefully we can keep pushing on."

South Carolina is up there right now, ranked No. 6 in the country. Georgia is one spot ahead. Both teams are unbeaten. All that is why ESPN quickly announced it was heading to Columbia for Saturday's game, which will kick off at 7 p.m.

"This is a huge game. We all know it," Spurrier said. "Georgia is a very good team."

A few other notes from Spurrier on Sunday:

- The Georgia defense may have better athletes than other teams, according to Spurrier, and he had an interesting diagnosis on why the Bulldogs are giving up more points and yards than last year:

"They're scoring so fast," Spurrier said. "You score fast, your defense has to play a lot more than we do. usually it takes us awhile to get it down the field and score. So our defense is hopefully only out there 58-62 plays, something like that. I think Georgia's been scoring so fast and there's been so many turnovers made in their games that their defense is playing a lot more plays than a lot of others. But no, they can make plays all over the place. Shoot, even last year, now we didn't move the ball very well at all."

Spurrier recalled the fake punt for a touchdown, and two defensive scores.

"We've struggled scoring a lot of points against Georgia, really, offensively we have," Spurrier said.

- The closest Spurrier came to one of his trademark anti-Georgia quips was when he was asked where tailback Marcus Lattimore was in terms of health.

"I hope he's where he was when he ran against Georgia two years ago," Spurrier said with a laugh, alluding to Lattimore's 182-yard performance, when he carried it 37 times. "Because that was sort of his coming-out day here at Williams-Brice two years ago. ... Everyone sort of defends us for that zone read, and it hasn't been that good for us as far as getting in the I-formation for us. So we've gotta try and mix it up, try and get in some running lanes. ... I don't think he's quite where he was but he'll get there real soon. He's very, very close."

- The long runs by Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall are what stand out to Spurrier the little bit that he has watched the Georgia offense.

"And of course (Aaron) Murray hit a bunch of big passes too," Spurrier said. "So they were a scoring machine yesterday."

- Asked his impression of Jarvis Jones, Spurrier said the Georgia linebacker "certainly is a heck of a player. Yeah, he can pass rush, he can run guys down. And just a real good player. Hopefully we can block him a bit. Sometimes we don't block a lot of other guys real well either. So it's good to have a quarterback that can run up there and gain some yards, the way Connor (Shaw) does a lot of times."

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