Get out and explore Middle Georgia

September 30, 2012 

Middle Georgia is home to many fantastic places and events worth exploring, whether you are a native or a newcomer. For those who’ve lived in the area for more than a few years, it may be easy to overlook the fun things you can do in your own backyard, or your neighbors.’

For new Middle Georgians who’ve learned their way around their immediate environment, a short car trip or bike ride can put you within reach of some of the most interesting places and events in all of Georgia.

In early spring, visitors by the busload make their way up or down Interstate 75 and Interstate 16 to take in the wonder of Macon’s cherry blossoms, more plentiful, some say, than in Washington, D.C. Macon’s signature Cherry Blossom Festival, with its international roots, draws fans from across the nation and abroad. But it’s also a favorite of the locals.

In fall, folks from across the state, as well as other “fair fanatics,” make their way to Perry for the Georgia National Fair, which offers food, fun and music for almost any taste, though there tends to be a little extra for country music lovers.

Make it a weekend family getaway with a visit to Lane Orchards in Fort Valley or Dickey’s Farm in Musella, where you can taste what the local peach crop has yielded (peach bread, anyone?). Looking for one more draw? The Museum of Aviation, down the road from Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, showcases an array of planes, fighter jets and other historical displays popular with kids but also sure to satisfy the aviation or military enthusiast.

The Museum of Aviation is but one of the great keepers of history in the area. From the Museum of Arts and Sciences to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame to the Hay House and the Big House (Come on in, Allman Brothers fans!), Middle Georgia is steeped in rich musical, architectural and cultural history.

For those who like to bike, fish, swim or walk, there are parks and lakes and rivers and trails for novices and experts. Golf courses are plentiful and plenty challenging.

And the food! Oh the food. The Washington Post has put one local restaurant’s banana pudding on the culinary map. The Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette is a crowd-pleaser. No matter where you stop in Middle Georgia, you’re a stone’s throw from Southern fare that is come-and-get-it delicious.

This guidebook is intended to introduce you to Middle Georgia and help you find your way around if you’re new, and it’ll help you find a new thrill if you -- mistakenly -- think you’ve seen it all. It’s filled with information about where to go and when, and provides a snapshot of some of the fine communities we encourage you to “explore.”

Let us know if you find something interesting we ought to include in our next edition. Meanwhile, enjoy!

-- George McCanless, publisher

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