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gris@macon.comSeptember 30, 2012 

Everybody is from somewhere.

They are born there. They grow up there. They put down roots, get a job, raise a family, go to church and build a life there.

They have a sense of place.

If you live in Macon, you know the difference between a cherry blossom tree and a dogwood.

If you are from Warner Robins, you have committed to memory all the shift changes at Robins Air Force Base.

If you hail from Monticello, you know the words to every Trisha Yearwood song by heart.

Everybody is from somewhere.

You might be from Byron if you give directions to your house using the Big Peach as a landmark.

You might be from Bolingbroke if you remember the old city limit sign on U.S. 41 that read: “Home of 301 Nice People and One Old Sorehead.”

You might be from Cochran if you remember doing your one-stop shopping downtown at Jazzbo’s.

You might be from Musella if you’ve ever enjoyed peach ice cream on the porch at Dickey’s, the oldest continuously operating peach packing house in Georgia.

You might be from Cordele if you’ve ever participated in a watermelon seed spitting contest.

You might be from McIntyre if you know where Honey Boo Boo lives.

You might be from Powersville if you’ve ever tapped your toe and sang along down at the Opry.

You might be from Jackson if you know to turn on Bucksnort Road to get to Buckner’s Family Restaurant.

You might be from Gray if you’ve ever bought tomatoes from Deacon Huff’s fruit and vegetable stand downtown on U.S. 129.

You might be from Macon if you have an abundance of pink in your wardrobe, even if you’re a guy.

You might be from Allentown if you know the hidden location of the four corners marker, where the counties of Twiggs, Wilkinson, Bleckley and Laurens come together.

You might be from Unadilla if you know the legend of radio star Judy Canova.

You might be from Flovilla if you’ve ever sipped some of the healing spring water from Indian Springs State Park.

You might be from Abbeville if you can point out the spot on U.S. 129 where Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States, spent his final night before he was captured in nearby Irwinville the next day.

You might be from Fort Valley if you have at least two dozen recipes for peach ice cream and peach cobbler.

You might be from Round Oak if you have a little “Respect” for native son Otis Redding.

You might be from Butler if you remember the legendary Taylor County girls basketball teams, coached by Norman Carter, who won a state-record 132 straight games from 1967-72.

You might be from Monticello if you can point to the spot on the courthouse square where Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei filmed the movie “My Cousin Vinny” in 1991.

You might be from Vienna if you know the annual Big Pig Jig state barbecue cooking contest was featured in the New York Times best-selling book “1001 Places To See Before You Die.”

You might be from Sandersville if you remember Willie Lee Duckworth, who wrote the famous “Sound Off” marching chant for the Army.

You might be from Eatonton if you can brag about knowing two-time Olympic gold medal winner and sharp-shooter Sgt. Vincent Hancock.

You might be from Thomaston if you remember the mill villages of Silvertown and Martha Mills and go out of your way to Piggie Park for some Brunswick stew.

You might be from McRae if you have heard the biggest fish story of them all -- George Perry’s record largemouth bass (22 pounds, 4 ounces) caught in an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River in 1932.

You might be from Wrightsville if you remember when Herschel Walker made Johnson County the center of the football universe.

You might be from Juliette if you’ve ever stuck your fork in a stack of fried green tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café.

You might be from Fitzgerald if you have ever chased a wild chicken out of your yard and been asked to explain why the downtown streets are named after both Confederate and Yankee generals.

You might be from Perry if you’ve ever ridden the Ferris wheel and walked the midway at the Georgia National Fair.

You might be from Montrose if you’ve ever spent a Friday night at the auction.

You might be from Milledgeville if you’ve ever had to convince folks you have never been locked up at Central State and have told a tourist how to get to Flannery O’Connor’s home at Andalusia.

You might be from Yatesville if you’ve ever had to identify and defend the aroma surrounding the Chitlin Festival every fall.

You might be from Gordon if you’ve ever had to wipe kaolin dust from your car.

You might be from Eastman if you grew up eating Stuckey’s famous pecan rolls every other day.

You might be from Soperton if you are a pine tree hugger.

You might be from Warner Robins if you understand Watson Boulevard represents the Mason-Dixon line during football season.

You might be from Deepstep if you have ever been to the suburbs of Goat Town.

You might be from Hawkinsville if you’ve ever been to the Harness Festival and have a Butler Brown painting hanging in your living room.

You might be from Reynolds if you’ve ever been recruited as a judge to taste the entries at the Strawberry Festival.

And you might be from Forsyth if you ever received Christmas greetings from “Sammy Claus” and remember when people use to skinny dip at Higgins’ Mill.

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