Amanda’s Cakery delivers the yummy

pramati@macon.comSeptember 28, 2012 

I’ll admit up front, I’m a little biased in favor of Amanda’s Cakery.

I first spoke with Amanda Meadows when the previous business for which she worked had a major fire in its bakery. As I wrote the story about it for The Telegraph, person after person came up to me distraught, telling me that Amanda made the best wedding cakes in town.

To look at me is to know I’ve had quite a few pieces of cake in my lifetime. I figured, sure her cakes are probably good, but are they THAT great?

Then I had a slice of Amanda’s cake at the wedding of my colleague, Jennifer Burk. Then I had a few more. (And maybe one more after that). Suddenly, I understood the phrase “divine nirvana.”

So, I was delighted when Amanda launched her new business and set up a shop on Cotton Avenue, where she prepares her wedding cakes but also sells cupcakes to the everyday customer. I make a concerted effort to try to avoid her siren’s song of cupcakes, but I usually succumb once (or twice) a month.

So, to be fair in this review, I brought cupcakes to the rest of the newsroom staff and put their thoughts below. It should be noted that some of these folks work in the afternoon, so the cupcakes had been sitting in their box for five or six hours when they got them. But the reviews are mostly positive:

• Erin Ivanov: The tasty almond cupcake had a delicate flavor that makes an interesting alternative to vanilla.

• Andy Drury: The lemon cupcake’s icing was sugary with just a hint of lemon flavor. It was definitely yummy, although I would have preferred a bit of tartness in the icing to counter-balance the sweetness. As good as the icing was, the lemon cake itself stole the show. It was dense enough that it didn’t crumble and fall apart, but it also wasn’t too heavy.

• Oby Brown: I picked a tiramisu cupcake. It was moist, and the icing had pleasing flavors of chocolate and coffee. I could have eaten at least a couple more.

• John Parnell: I had red velvet. It was good, with an understated frosting that complimented the cupcake very well. But I wasn’t ready to stampede over to the shop for another.

• Linda Morris: I found the icing on the almond cupcake very sweet, so if you like that kind of thing, you will be happy. The cake part was not too fluffy and not too dense, and I liked the light almond flavor.

• Carolyn Umphreyville: Appearance on all cupcakes was just OK. ... Normally, I would have dug right into tasting cupcakes but they didn’t look all that appetizing. Decided to taste one, (lemon and raspberry) frosting, creamy and good light flavor, cupcake itself somewhat flaky -- fell apart, didn’t stay together. Overall, the cupcake was just OK.

• Amy Leigh Womack: Vanilla with strawberry icing -- the cake is light and fluffy, like eating a cloud. The icing has just a hint of strawberry without being extraordinarily rich.

• Randy Waters: Although people use the word “vanilla” to mean without flavor or pizzazz, vanilla is actually a very distinct and enjoyable flavor. But OK in this case. And it was very dry for a cupcake.

• Lee Sandow: I had a vanilla one. It was tasty, but not overly sweet, and icing was fresh and delicious. It was a bit crumbly on the top, but that’s the nature of cupcakes. I did want another afterward, so I’d recommend a shopper get more than one (unless they have more self-control than I do).

• Renee Martinez: I had the chocolate raspberry. It was deelish! The raspberry frosting was sweet, but not so sweet you feel sick after eating it, like some other cupcakes you get at certain unnamed grocery stores.

• Jim Gaines: I had the chocolate raspberry. It was good, but a little dry (I may have just gotten it late) and not heavily chocolatey. The raspberry was strong and tasty, though.

• Mike Stucka: Coconut one was yummy, but not particularly coconut-ty. If you’d told me it was a vanilla cupcake I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised at the taste. A little too crumbly.

• Jennifer Burk: I had the key lime cupcake. The green-colored cake was light, moist and airy. I personally like a little more heft to my cake, but this was still very good. The key lime flavor was evident, but not too strong. The butter cream frosting was sweet and yummy and topped with green sprinkles for show.

Amanda’s Cakery

Address: 321 Cotton Ave., Macon

Phone: (478) 738-9504

Hours: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays

Payment: Cash, credit

Smoking: No

Alcohol: None

Kids Menu: No

Noise Level: Low

Health Rating: Not rated by the Bibb County Health Department; under Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Price range: $2-$3 for cupcakes

Rating: 3 stars

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