Whuta Start!? Fantasy Week Three Matchups

Macon TelegraphSeptember 19, 2012 


1.  Aaron Rodgers - - Rodgers showed last week that he can produce respectably even against a tough defense.  Seattle is so tough at home and near impossible to run against, their will be plenty of balls in the air for the Packers

2.  Drew Brees  - - Drew Brees has thrown an uncharacteristic 4 touchdowns and we see the lack of Sean Payton and what it has on him.  Still, you probably drafted him this high you gotta roll with him.  At least he's racking up the yards.  That won't change with one of the NFL's worst defense through 2 weeks coming to the Superdome.

3.  Tom Brady  - - It'll be very interesting to see how Tom Brady produces without one of his go to targets in the loss of Aaron Hernandez.  The team just signed Kellen Winslow which makes him only the 90th TE the team has signed this year.  The Ravens game looks to be a shootout so ride that fantasy boost.

4.  Cam Newton   - - Cam Newton rebounded admirably against the once mighty Saints.  He gets a short week and that Giants defense that wins championships just made Josh Freeman look like a ProBowler.  Keep riding that success

5.  Eli Manning  - -  510 yards!??  And some people questioned me putting Eli that high in my pre draft rankings.  The man is Joe Cool in the 4th quarter and he may have a shootout or two left on his schedule.

6.  Matthew Stafford  - - Matthew Stafford sure is looking ugly.  He threw a handful of picks against Saint Louis and then struggled against the NFL's top defense.  Still let's not forget what he produced last year in over 40 touchdowns, the man will rebound.

7.  Tony Romo                                   13.  Matt Schaub

8.  Phillip Rivers                                 14.  Jay Cutler

9.  Peyton Manning                             15. Ben Roethlisberger

10.  Matt Ryan                                    16.  Andrew Luck

11.  Michael Vick                                 17.  Joe Flacco

12.  Robert Griffin                                 18.Andy Dalton



1.  LeSean McCoy  - - LeSean McCoy was utilized well in the sludgefest against the Ravens.  He played a key role in their comeback and extended his home touchdown streak.  The Eagles are undefeated and LeSean is a big reason why.

2.  Arian Foster  - - Man, Ben Tate.  Without his two touchdowns Arian's stat sheet looks a lot better.  It may be something you have to cope with all season long but no way you bench this top flight runningback.

3.  Ray Rice  - -  Through two weeks Ray Rice has clearly been the most impressive fantasy back, catching the ball and breaking long runs.  IF you drafted him this year you have to be feeling pretty good about that.

4.  Darren McFadden  - - Darren McFadden took a big step back against Miami.  I'd love to blame it on the ole' West Coast team playing an early game on the east coast but he has too much talent to be underperforming this badly.  I'll keep him ranked high because I'm still drinking the Koolaid.

5. DeMarco Murray  - - DeMarco didn't have much of a chance to shine as the Cowboys fell behind early.  But I still like his matchup against the Buccaneers and I think he'll flash that burst.

6. C.J. Spiller - Holy goodness somehow C.J. is averaging more than 10 yards a carry.  That wouldn't just break an NFL record it would shatter it.  So that won't hold up over a year but still it's indicative of how great he's been so far.


7. Adrian Peterson  - - Adrian Peterson may not have been as great Week 2 in the teams second shootout in as many weeks but he's ferocious with the rock in his hands.  Detroit showed a steady ability to run the ball surprisingly last Sunday night.

8. Marshawn Lynch - Marshawn Lynch took the Cowboys out at the O.K. corral breaking big runs and showing his Skittles beast mode.  Meanwhile Greenbay had a great pass rush that helped them win last Thursday.  Simply put that passrush will have less success against a mobile Russell Wilson so the Pack's inability to stop the run will resurface here.

9. Michael Bush - As a Matt Forte owner I'm in slight panic mode.  Chicago's goal line hammer will now be the feature back as long as resigned Khalil Bell doesn't stay on the field for passing downs.  Bush showed last year in Oakland he can be dominant as the feature tailback.


10. Maurice Jones Drew - - Don't get surly with MoJo.  He doesn't have to play one of the better NFL defenses in Houston for some time.  He'll rebound even if Chad Henne gets playing time.  He did it last year

11.  Frank Gore  - - The 49ers run game looked impressive against a front seven for Detroit that isn't as bad as they advertised on a national spotlight.  I counted at least 7-10 runs of 5 yards.  Look for one of the best NFL lines to keep the punishment up against a generous Vikings front seven.

12.  Doug Martin  - - Doug Martin has still felt no pressure from LeGarrette Blount.  He's the teams No.1 option and keep in mind what Marshawn did against Dallas last week.  This could be a sneaky start here.

13. Reggie Bush - We'll see if the star from Week 2 can keep it going.  He has a stout test against a New York stop unit that will be keying on him first.  But after his Raider rout I'd roll the dice on him without a higher ranked option.

14.  Steven Jackson                      27.  Shonne Greene

15.  Jamaal Charles                      28.  Peyton Hillis

16.  Trent Richardson                    29.  Donald Brown

17.  Michael Turner                       30.  Cedric Benson

18.  Chris Johnson                        31.  DeAngelo Williams

19.  BenJarvis Green Ellis               32.  Mark Ingram

20.  Stevan Ridley                        33.  Andre Brown

21.  Darren Sproles                       34.  Jonathan Dwyer

22.  Alfred Morris                          35.  Beanie Wells

23.  Willis McGahee                       36.  Pierre Thomas

24.  Ryan Matthews!  The return!     37.  Jonathan Stewart

25.  Ben Tate                                38.  Mikell Leshoure

26.  Kevin Smith



1.  Calvin Johnson  - - No touchdown from Calvin?  Silly Michael Irvin predicted 4 in this matchup.  I'll take just one, c'mon Megatron!

2.  Larry Fitzgerald  - - Some stars are start-proof no matter the matchup.  Fitzie is one such man, even if a Tim Burton character is throwing him the football.

3.  Andre Johnson  - - Andre Johnson will finally get a fantasy worthy matchup and what I mean by that is that Houston will actually be passing into the 4th quarter.  That is unless Peyton throws 3 first quarter picks again, sheesh!

4.  A.J. Green  - - A.J. showed us that deep ball craving from 2011 last week and this figures to be a good matchup for Dalton and crew.  Look for at least one 40+ yard touchdown.

5.  Julio Jones  - - So one of Week 1's darling turned into a Week 2 dud?  Well I still like the matchup problem that he presents and I'd keep him in my lineup.  Don't let one game get you off your star.

6. Roddy White  - - There was the Roddy White to Matt Ryan connection that has been so entrenched in recent years.  Some of White's second half catches were not only amazing with defenders all over him but back breaking to the comeback minded Broncos

7.  Brandon Marshall - - Brandon Marshall had some ugly drops and should have at least got you six more.  Cutler is being berated in the media, I look for him to silence the critics with a 7 catch 125 yard game to B-Marsh.

8.  Victor Cruz - - It was nice to see Victor salsa for his late grandmother last Sunday.  This guys hands and concentration were back to form as well.  With Nicks slightly hobbled he's the Giants receiver you want

9.  Hakeem Nicks  - - that being said, Nicks isn't too far off.  He's usually a safe bet for a touchdown catch.

10. Steve Smith  - - Well well.  All week long walking boots had us concerned and in the game he did leave to get IVs.  But he was a monster on multiple deep balls.  Hopefully the short week won't hurt him


11.  Dez Bryant - - Dez Bryant looked like he wanted to shove his mom after that game.  His two fumbles certainly cost the Cowboys a chance to be competitive.  But he's an open field dynamic player.  I'm not sleeping on his rebound here against an aging Buccs secondary.

12. Percy Harvin  - Percy has an intimidating matchup against San Francisco this weekend.  Carlos Rogers is playing lights out at a Pro Bowl level.  But he really is the Vikes main pass catching option, he'll get his targets in addition to rushing yards.

13.  Mike Wallace  - It may have only taken two games to shake off the rust for this training camp holdout.  Mix that with the fact that Oakland has nobody at corner and you have a safe bet for a long ball here.

14.  Jordy Nelson                           28.  Torrey Smith

15.  DeMaryius Thomas                  29.  Malcom Floyd

16.  Brandon Lloyd                         30.  Vincent Jackson

17.  Wes Welker                             31.  Jeremy Maclin

18.  Miles Austin                             32.  Lance Moore

19.  Antonio Brown                          33.  Denarius Moore

20.  Reggie Wayne                         34.  Michael Crabtree

21.  Dwayne Bowe                           35.  Darryius Heyward Bey

22.  Greg Jennings                          36.  Danny Amendola

23.  Stevie Johnson                         37.  Kenny Britt

24.  DeSean Jackson                       38.  Randle Cobb

25.  Pierre Garcon                            39.  Sidney Rice

26.  Marquis Colston                         40.  Santonio Holmes

27. Eric Decker


1.  Jimmy Graham - - Superdome?  Check.  Week Three Check.  Angry Drew Brees?  Touchdown Jimmy Graham!

2.  Rob Gronkowski  - - The Patriots have their best group of receivers since Randy Moss rode off into the sunset.  Should open things in the middle quite nicely

3.  Antonio Gates - Those three touchdown catches from Dante Rosario in week 2?  Yeah, those belonged to Gates, he just couldn't make it to the checkout line.

4.  Jermichael Finley                        8.  Jason Witten

5.  Vernon Davis                             9.  Brent Celek

6.  Tony Gonzalez                          10. Martellus Bennett

7.  Brandon Pettigrew



1.  Houston Texans  - - I was going to bump Houston down a peg or two because of the matchup.  But then I saw Manning's noodle arm against Atlanta.  Continue to roll with this top flight D.

2.  Pittsburgh Steelers  - - Going across the country is the only challenge against an Oakland team that is struggling to score points.  Turnover or two is assured too.

3.  Buffalo Bills  - - The Bills had an explosive task looking at a Chiefs team that scored at will in week 1 and made them look silly.  Now they get a rookie quarterback, feast boys.

4.  San Francisco 49ers                      8.  Philadelphia Eagles

5.  Detroit Lions                                9.  Miami Dolphins

6.  Chicago Bears                            10.  Indianapolis Colts

7.  Arizona Cardinals



1.  Sebastian Janikowski  - - Give me this Polish boomer, especailly right before the half when the team is insane enough for him to attempt a 59 yarder....  and then he'll make it

2.  Dan Carpenter

3.  Jason Hanson

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