Week 2 Fantasy Studs

Macon TelegraphSeptember 18, 2012 


Top Scorer: RG3

   I predicted RG3 would have amazing deep ball accuracy but also be an injury risk with a run first attitude.  That simply is not the case as he looks like a slimmer more seasoned Cam Newton.  His 206 passing yards and a pick are Trent Dilfer numbers but then he posts runningback numbers with his 82 yards rushing with 2 touchdowns in addition. 

Honorable Mention: Cam Newton

   There was the Cam Newton from last year.  Just give the guy a rainy home opener against the division champs from last year. Over 300 total yards and a few nice long runs to finish with two touchdowns.

Goat: Jay Cutler / Matt Schaub

     Our two Quarterback goats are disappointing for different reasons.  Jay Cutler was a victim of trying to do too much in a loss, forcing the ball in some cases while others his receivers were dropping balls that were smacking him in the face.  4 INTs will kill fantasy value especially if you play in a league that deducts for picks.  Matt Schaub on the other hand didn't play horrific, just didn't score.  Houston didn't need to with that lead and those runningbacks.  Andre Johnson was near non existent


Top Scorer: Reggie Bush

   Reggie Bush the hero!  This may be the second or third game I've ever seen from the former Hesiman winner where he looked like the No.2 overall pick.  He broke free for long runs separating himself from the gasping Raider secondary.  He eases a lot of the pressure on Tannehill.  Only problem is Miami doesn't play the Raiders ever week.  Reggie finished three yards shy of 200 with two rushing touchdowns.

Honorable Mention: CJ Spiller / Willis McGahee / Trent Richardson

   Man, CJ Spiller looked good. Even when Fred Jackson returns, if Spiller is touting the mail like this Gailey will have to think long and hard about how to keep them both on the field.  CJ finished with 17- total yards to go alongside two touchdowns.  Willis McGahee will pick up long gains in the audible friendly Denver offense as Peyton will check to him in run friendly situations.  He also vultured short touchdowns in the Monday night loss (can you tell I had Peyton Manning?)  It was good to see Trent Richardson return to form albeit in a losing effort.  He broke free on multiple occaison and exuded that power that lead many to call him the best back out of the draft since Adrian Peterson

Goat: Chris Johnson / Darren McFadden / Jamaal Charles

   Chris Johnson makes the Goat list for the first two weeks.  This could be a troubling trend if his dancing ways continue, just hit the hole!  Darren McFadden is baffling as this top 10 fantasy pick looked to be promising in the preseason.  I feel bad putting Jamaal Charles here as his team was getting blown out it hurts fantasy tailback value plus his busted ACL knee was aggravating him, but still he was drafted way too high to put up single digit fantasy stats.


Top Scorer: Hakeem Nicks

   Nicks had a heroic performance in a bizarre shootout game no one expected with the Buccs.  He hobbled, limped, picked himself up and just kept catching bombs.  He nearly gave us the first two hundred yard receiving game of the season to finish with a touchdown.  In a short week turnaround (they play Carolina on Thursday), he may be limited.

Honorable Mention: Victor Cruz

   Any time your quarterback passes for over 500 yards your other wideout will make the best of lists.  While Nicks was the deep guy, Victor Cruz was the No.1 option security blanket.  Playing for his late grandmother he got to salsa on a long touchdown and finished with 11 catches for all you points per reception cravers.

Goat: Julio Jones / Larry Fitzgerald / Dez Bryant

   A week after looking unstoppable in Kansas City, meet Tracy Porter.  Julio did drop a touchdown that Matt Ryan put right on him in the endzone, but other than that just 4 catches for 14 yards.  People expect more for this huge Atlanta stud.  Sadly people don't expect much from Larry Fitzgerald.  He is clearly the only elite target on a Cardinals team that you can take away with bad QB play.  One catch for 4 yards?  Ouch!  Dez Bryant didn't fare much better with almost as many fumbles (2) as catches (3).


Top Scorer:Dante Rosario

   This was the strangest fantasy stat line from Week 2.  We'll see who truly doesn't know football and makes waiver claims for this former Carolina underwhelmer.  All of Phillip Rivers three touchdowns went to the backup tight end with Antonio Gates not playing.  Don't be foolish enough to think he can repeat anywhere close to this performance.  I will say he did catch a touch in Week 1 though.

Honorable Mention: Vernon Davis

   If San Fran is throwing deep it's to Vernon Davis.  Crabtree and Moss - the two starting wideouts- have great hands but no wheels.  His cut against the grain for the put away touchdown in the 4th was a thing of beauty.  With this team re surging, look for a top 3 performance on the year out of this career under achiever.

Goat: Fred Davis / Jacob Tamme

   At this point we may need to face facts that Fred Davis was in some sort of bizarre love triangle with Rex Grossman and Shanahan last year.  He's been completely silent in the offense.  Jacob Tamme is also puzzling as Peyton needed to throw a ton to give his team a chance after falling behind, but Tamme was targeted little finishing with two catches for thirteen yards.


Top Scorer: Green Bay Packers

   The Bears talked and talked all week long and it was a shortened one at that because of the Thursday night matchup.  All Green Bay did was limit them to 10 points allowed with 7 sacks (4 by Clay Matthews) 4 interceptions and less than 200 yards allowed overall.  Smothered and covered, just like I like my Hashbrowns.  The 49ers have a great offensive line and leaned on a run game.  That may have masked the Packers greatest defensive strength - exotic blitzes and pass rush potential.

Honorable Mention: Seattle Seahawks

     I was the only one in my Pick'ems league to take Seattle.  People forget two things about Carroll's crew: 1) Seattle has one of the best home field advantages in the league and 2) this defense is really good.  They finished as a top 10 rush unit last year and completely stunned the Cowboys.  Housing a blocked punt, forcing two other turnovers and allowing a lone touchdown to a confident team high after beating the SuperBowl champs.

Goat: San Francisco 49ers

     I don't really have a goat for this week since most of the elite defenses played like it.  But I'll go with San Fran.  They shut Calvin Johnson out of the endzone but allowed the Lions to play their way back into the game in the second half.  Make no mistake, they won the game because of Alex Smith and Frank Goer(and perhaps Michael Crabtree to a lesser extent) extending drives and gobbling up clock.  This unit can force more than 1 INT and 2 sacks in my opinion though.  Especially after how generous the Lions were in Saint Louis

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