Getting ready for Grantham-Franklin Part II

semerson@macon.comSeptember 16, 2012 

ATHENS - Predictably, the attention turned quickly on Saturday night to Georgia's next opponent - and what happened the last time Vanderbilt and Georgia met.

If you need a reminder, then this is probably the first time you're reading this blog. Just put the terms "James Franklin" and "Todd Grantham" and "shouting match" in any search engine.

In the locker room after Saturday's game, Georgia senior defensive back Sanders Commings didn't mince words.

Commings was asked if Grantham, standing a few feet away from him, would have a bit extra motivation this week.

"It's not just coach Grantham. It's the whole team, offense and defense, everyone," Commings said. "Any time something goes down like that after a game, we kind of put that in the back of our minds, and we bring it back up when we play that team again. So that's definitely gonna be on our minds throughout this week, and definitely on Saturday in the game."

For his part, Grantham didn't even address the Franklin incident, and didn't claim it as any extra motivation.

"To me it's an SEC East game. It's a home game," Grantham said, not changing expression. "If we want to continue to do the things we've gotta do, we've gotta prepare to win the game. The most important thing's the game, and preparing for an SEC games."

Would it give the players any more emotion?

"No, I think we're gonna prepare as if it's an SEC game," Grantham said. "It's a home game, and it's in our division, so that's the way we're gonna approach it. That's really it, to be honest with you."

Head coach Mark Richt also never brought up last year's incident. Over the summer he had said that last year's ending would add some "vinegar" to playing Vanderbilt this year, but on Saturday he just said:

"Oh, I know we'll be motivated. We'll be motivated for that game ... We'll be ready. They're a really good team and we've got a lot of respect for them, and we better be ready."

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