Whuta Start!? Fantasy Week Two Matchups

Macon TelegraphSeptember 13, 2012 


1.  Aaron Rodgers - - Green Bay will be borderline desperate not to dig themselves into an 0-2 hole.  No Greg Jennings hurts but not as much as the lack of a running game - Rodgers will put the ball up 40-50 times in this contest.  Luck got decent pts last week on the Bears

2.  Drew Brees  - - Drew didn't really get hot until the 4th quarter.  Blame some of that on the Redskins ball control offense as they played keep away.   Brees has never been a great grass quarterback but you can't sit this stud.

3.  Tom Brady  - - Tom Brady looked razor sharp week one, even if he wasn't throwing to Wes Welker.  The only thing hurting his fantasy potential here is that he may not need to throw it but 25 games in this game.

4.  Cam Newton   - - Newton was one of the bigger fantasy dissapointments in Week One.  But in their home opener Carolina has been circling this game all summer, expect them to be ready and explosive

5.  Eli Manning  - -  Don't use the Panthers-Tampa game as a measuring gauge.  The Cowboys defense is considerably better, and is Victor Cruz makes a catch or two that game goes differently.  Big bounce back game here

6.  Matthew Stafford  - - Monitor this ranking until Sunday.  Calvin Johnson was a mysterious scratch from practice yesterday.  Obviously if there's no Megatron, he would have to be dropped considerably from the ranks

7.  Tony Romo                                   13.  Jay Cutler

8.  Phillip Rivers                                 14.  Ben Roethlisberger

9.  Peyton Manning                             15.  Robert Griffin

10.  Matt Ryan                                    16.  Andrew Luck

11.  Michael Vick                                 17.  Joe Flacco

12.  Matt Schaub                                 18.  Josh Freeman



1.  LeSean McCoy  - - LeSean McCoy has a pretty good home touchdown streak going and they should be able to move the ball.  Lost in all the Baltimore high fiving from Monday night was how poorly they defended the run.  The game was out of hand to notice by the second half by BenJarvis found success.

2.  Arian Foster  - - Nice little tuneup here for most people's consensus No.1 fantasy back for two weeks in a row.  Jacksonville won't pose as much of a challenge as his illness will, the flu?  Check back

3.  Ray Rice  - -  Ray Rice had his best Thurman Thomas jersey on for Monday night and the Ravens will be scary in that no huddle.  He's got a rough challenge here against a stout Philly run D, but you can't sit your stud

4.  Darren McFadden  - - It was clear late Monday night that McFadden is the feature weapon in this offense.  And as long as the passing game will struggle with injuries timing and drops, McFadden will be the workhorse.  Hopefully the game will be closer giving him less catches and more carries to do damage with

5.  Matt Forte  - - Matt Forte as predicted did lose the majority of the goal line touches in Week 1.  But he did get some love from six yards out to salvage a touchdown.  If Green Bay jumps out to a respectable lead Forte will still have value since he's such a great receiver.

6.  Jamaal Charles  - - Jammal Charles is the kind of runningback that you want with the lead.  He was easily taken out of the game in the 4th quarter as the Chiefs game got away from him but he showcased his game breaking speed on at least 2 broken runs.  If Buffalo really is this bad, it could be a great matchup for him

7.  DeMarco Murray  - - Seattle plays some rugged run defense but DeMarco found daylight against a suffocating New York front seven.  I wouldn't be too worried here, start him confidently.

8.  Steven Jackson  - - Steven Jackson was a big reason that Saint Louis was able to compete and hang with a much better Lions squad.  With little threat from the depth chart underneath him, he'll get the lionshare against the Skins.

9. Adrian Peterson  - - Adrian Peterson showcased a superhuman effort in a Week 1 return from a nasty knee injury.  His two touchdowns as well as his carries didn't look hesitant or slow, forget Toby Gerhart these days.

10.  Ahmad Bradshaw  - - Don't be fooled by Tampa's Week 1 success on defense.  Strange things happen in the NFL on Week 1.  Bradshaw broke a big run meanwhile David Wilson's fumble has him in the doghouse.  He's a lock to get 25-30 touches in this game

11. Maurice Jones Drew - - So much for all that glamour and gasp of a holdout.  MoJo didn't look as good as the runningback on the other side of the field, but with Rashad Jennings getting injured he'll reprise his role as dime piece of the Jacksonville O.

12.  Frank Gore  - - The 49ers made me nervous as they started the game giving Kendall Hunter lots of carries.  But this appeared just to be a ploy to keep Frank fresh as he closed out the game strong with an impressive touchdown run

13.  Doug Martin  - - A great start to an NFL as well as fantasy career for Doug Martin.  With LeGarrette Blount on the injury list, he's a confident play in a Buccs offense that wants to run first

14.  Marshawn Lynch                      27.  Trent Richardson

15.  Chris Johnson                         28.  Shonne Greene

16.  C.J. Spiller                             29.  Cedric Benson

17.  Michael Turner                        30.  DeAngelo Williams

18.  Darren Sproles                       31.  Michael Bush

19.  Stevan Ridley                         32.  Mark Ingram

20.  Willis McGahee                       33.  Donald Brown

21.  Peyton Hillis                           34.  Jonathan Dwyer

22.  BenJarvis Green Ellis               35.  Beanie Wells

23.  Alfred Morris                          36.  Pierre Thomas

24.  Reggie Bush                          37.  Jonathan Stewart

25.  Ben Tate                               38.  Ronnie Brown

26.  Kevin Smith



1.  Calvin Johnson  - - Uh-oh.  No practice on Wednesday for the Madden coverboy.  We'll all hold our breath but if he's active you don't blink.

2.  Larry Fitzgerald  - - Some stars are start-proof no matter the matchup.  Fitzie is one such man, even if a Tim Burton character is throwing him the football.

3.  Andre Johnson  - - Andre Johnson was the no.1 fantasy wide receiver for so long, for so many drafts.  Don't let his injury plagued 2011 season may you forget why.  He will eat up the Jaguars

4.  A.J. Green  - - The Browns pass defense looked really good against the Eagles but give some credit to some tipped balls as well has Joe Haden.  Without their top cover corner, expect A.J. to take the top off

5.  Julio Jones  - - Here was the most impressive fantasy receiver for week one.  I don't expect that to change even if Champ Bailey is covering him - he's a bonified star

6. Roddy White  - - I have no problem starting two Falcons receivers in the top 6 of my fantasy ranks.  Micheal Turner looked as slow and sluggish as ever and Monday night has the making of a fantasy showdown

7.  Brandon Marshall - - I don't know if Cutler's trash talking of Green Bay is the wisest move but with the play Brandon Marshall week One and the Packers poor secondary play, he very well may back it up

8.  Victor Cruz - - The drops.  O.k. they were pretty bad.  But it's worth noting how target he was.  Victor Cruz has come from injury depth chart riser last year to the No.1 option on this offense hands down.

9.  Hakeem Nicks  - - that being said, Nicks isn't too far off.  He's usually a safe bet for a touchdown catch.

10. Steve Smith  - - Gotta love any offense that has to go toe to toe with the Saints.  It means a shootout at the OK corral and Steve Smith has to be peeved at the mere 10 point production from week one.  Look out

11. Percy Harvin  - - Percy started slow last week but you have to be impressed with the play of Christian Ponder.  Plus, name me one other Minnesota receiver if you can.  Percy is the passing offense, collect the points and the targets.

12.  Dez Bryant - - Dez Bryant didn't have a bad game, he just was the unfortunate victim of a break out game from Ogletree.  New York was hurting at corner and it showed.  Dez had the only respectable cover man on him.  Seattle's talented secondary is a challenge but he's a game breaker

13.  Wes Welker - - I hope Wes didn't cause you a week One fantasy matchup.  He's mysteriously being phased out of the offense despite what any of the master press conference speeches the coaches have to say.  Hopefully McDaniels gets him involved

14.  Jordy Nelson                           28.  Malcom Floyd

15.  Brandon Lloyd                         29.  Vincent Jackson

16.  DeMaryius Thomas                  30.  Darryius Heyward Bey

17.  Antonio Brown                         31.  Jeremy Maclin

18.  Eric Decker                             32.  Lance Moore

19.  Marquis Colston                      33.  Michael Crabtree

20.  Miles Austin                           34.  Kevin Ogletree

21.  Pierre Garcon                         35.  Kenny Britt

22.  Stevie Johnson                       36.  Randle Cobb

23.  Reggie Wayne                        37.  Denarius Moore

24.  Dwayne Bowe                          38.  Nate Washington

25.  DeSean Jackson                      39.  James Jones

26.  Torrey Smith                           40.  Santonio Holmes

27. Mike Wallace


1.  Jimmy Graham - - Superdome?  Check.  Week One  Check.  Angry Drew Brees?  Touchdown Jimmy Graham!

2.  Rob Gronkowski  - - The Patriots have their best group of receivers since Randy Moss rode off into the sunset.  Should open things in the middle quite nicely

3.  Jermichael Finley  - - Jermichael had his fair share of drops in week One, but with no Greg Jennings his targets and hopefully yardage will increase

4.  Aaron Hernandez                        8.  Brandon Pettigrew

5.  Antonio Gates                             9.  Jared Cook

6.  Vernon Davis                             10. Jason Witten

7.  Tony Gonzalez



1.  Houston Texans  - - Despite how much better Blaine Gabbert looked in week One, Houston's pass rush and defense looked even better.  This one will hurt jag dans

2.  Baltimore Ravens  - - The Browns defense is respectable but they made Vick look horrid.  Ed Reed and Ray Lewis will feast on a giveaway prone Philly squad

3.  Cincinnati Bengals  - - The Bengals is a prideful unit that is much better than what they showed Monday night.  Play the matchup here against a woeful Browns offense

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers                      8.  Minnesota Vikings

5.  New England Patriots                   9.  San Diego Chargers

6.  Washington Redskin                    10.  Miami Dolphins

7.  Buffalo Bills



1.  Sebastian Janikowski  - - Give me this Polish boomer, especailly right before the half when the team is insane enough for him to attempt a 59 yarder....  and then he'll make it

2.  Dan Carpenter

3.  Rob Bironas

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