Week 1 Fantasy Standouts

Macon TelegraphSeptember 10, 2012 


Top Scorer: Matt Ryan

   The Poor Chiefs. Missing their top pass rusher and cover corner equals a career day type performance for Matty Ice. I'd love to shower him with praise but spread that out, he had a clean pocked for most of the day -was helped out by manbeast Julio Jones and made sound decisions

Honorable Mention: RG3 / Aaron Rodgers / Tony Romo

   If you had the misfortune of turning on ESPN that you were victim of second hand Griffin love fest. He started his career off in one of the hardest places to win and made it look effortless so give the guy credit. Anytime the Packers lose Aaron Rodgers is going to get you garbage yards and touchdowns and he went over 300. Tony Romo didn't even need a healthy Jason Witten to easily spoil the returning champs return to this season

Goat: Eli Manning / Matthew Stafford

     Eli Manning had a quiet day where he barely eclipsed 200 yards. For many of his owners who drafted him with a top 5 quarterback consideration they deserved better. And poor Stafford had no problem driving the length of the field but tossed some ugly interceptions. If your league deducts for that you felt it this week.


Top Scorer: C.J. Spiller

   Fred Jackson's injury looked as gruesome as the scoreboard at the end of the Buffalo game. But his backup showed the promise that Bills fans had almost sold away after being a first round pick. Spiller showed remarkable burst and almost totaled 200 total yards.  On a bad team he may be a fantasy revelation

Honorable Mention: Stevan Ridley / Alfred Morris / Ray Rice

   I hope you drafted Stevan Ridley. A great midround flier - for once even Bellichick who loves to feature multiple runningbacks, kept in Ridley as he accounted for a good portion of the big plays in the Patriots blowout. Speaking of scary timeshare situations, Alfred Morris is no longer the league's best kept secret. For teams that use waivers, the top waiver wire pickup on Wednesday will be this Florida Atlantic rookie.  As i type this, Ray Rice is going nuts so I had to include him in on the fun.

Goat: Chris Johnson

   Well so much for the hype. Without a contract negotiation hangover it was expected that Chris Johnson would return to his top 5 runningback status. While 6 catches for 47 yards sounds about par - 4 yards rushing is cringeworthy.


Top Scorer:Kevin Ogletree

   Kevin Ogletree coming out party was last Wednesday. He apologizes if you didn't get the invitation. Unless you play in the deepest of points per reception leagues this one came as a straight up shock to ya and with good cause. He had a better day in Week 1 than he ever did as a wideout from Virginia.

Honorable Mention: Julio Jones

   The only thing that slowed down this freak was the scoreboard. Atlanta simply didn't need him for the last quarter otherwise he easily could have added 75 yards and another touchdown to a 108 yard 2 touch game. I'll admit at the time Atlanta traded two first round picks to select him last year I thought they were losers in it. Probably not now as he is a top 3 looking wide receiver.

Goat: Wes Welker

   It's been said in this blog that the handling of franchised receiver Wes Welker has been telling. The team has made little to no efforts to resign the 30 year old who has been a key member of their recent Superbowl runs. But perhaps he has lost a step. I don't own him in any of my gazillion leagues so I feel for ya if you do.


Top Scorer:Jimmy Graham

   Jimmy Graham's touchdown grab in double coverage was a thing of poetry. With the Saints being poorer this year overall more balls will be in the air

Honorable Mention:Dennis Pitta / Aaron Hernandez

   Dennis Pitta is a great free agent pickup if you own Jason Witten or simply neglected it in the draft. Joe Flacco looked real good Monday night throwing his way. The recently resigned Aaron Hernandez outperformed top 20 pick Gronkowski at least in week 1. Six catches and a touchdown is nothing to scoff at.

Goat: Fred Davis

   So lost in RG3's coming out party was the fact that he looked very little to his tightend.  Baylor's offense didn't really feature it and it may just be a case of Fred being Rex Grossman's favorite. Then again, it's only one week Bueller. No need to panic. For now


Top Scorer:New York Jets

   The Jets did a complete about face from their preseason production. In one game they have put the Bills coaching staff on the hot seat as well as perhaps Ryan Fitzpatrick. They blew the knee on their opponents best player and finally regained the swagger of a recent memory prideful D. Revis looked good and they notched a Defensive touchdown .

Honorable Mention:New England / Denver / Baltimore Ravens

     The Patriots looked great in shutting down Tennessee and the most credit may need to go to two rookie starters in Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower. The Broncos looked very good in their Sunday night victory over the Steelers thanks to a great pas rush and a pick six from Tracy Porter. The Ravens looked like the defense from a decade ago, especially some of their oldest stars - Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Goat: Pittsburgh Steelers

     I need to see one more game from Peyton Manning before I christen his return. Still though, what he did to one of the best defensive coordinators was silly. His no huddle and audible put him in classic Peyton complete control. Hopefully the Black and Gold won't have to see him in the playoffs.

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