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Macon TelegraphAugust 30, 2012 

**  Let it be stated that it is this blogger's goal to have all your rankings to you in time for most people's fantasy drafts: the weekend before the season starts. Yesterday marked my 4th draft in as many days. Let me just say, it is so gleefully delightful to play with ho hum so so football fans. You wouldn't believe the value I was able to find in some drafts.  Time's a wasting, let's stick a fork in the receivers ranks


31.  Malcom Floyd   - -   San Diego Chargers   ADP: 10th round (35th overall) / Yahoo: 39th

     Malcom Floyd is the unquestioned No.1 in San Diego. For the longest time Phillip Rivers relished in throwing to huge wideouts with company like Floyd, Vincent Jackson, Leegedu Naanee and Serygi Aritutut. Now the only skyscraper in the end zone is Malcom Floyd, who when he's been able to stay on the field, is a great deep threat for such a big bodied man. I'm not a believer in Robert Meachem despite the hype.

32.Darryius Heyward Bey - -Oakland Raiders  ADP: 10th round(37th overall)/Yahoo: 31st

     For most of the summer I preferred Denarius Moore to DHB, but Denarius hasn't practiced or appeared in a preseason game for the entire month of August. And thus with his downtick comes the stock up for Darryius. He also made the second best catch of the preseason behind Dez Bryant with a falling down effort where he cradled the ball against the defender. He's always had the speed, maybe he just needed a better QB to get the ball closer to his stone hard hands.

33.  Titus Young   - -   Detroit Lions   ADP: 9th round (32nd WR overall) / Yahoo: 35th

     Titus Young isn't without competition for aerial targets in Motor City. Brandon Pettigrew is a budding star tight end and Nate Burleson won't give up his starting position without a fight. Also Ryan Broyles is a year away from being a sleeper. But Titus has the speed and now with an actual training camp under his belt he should have no problem gobbling up fantasy points and with Stafford a 40+ TD QB, good things will come

34.  Nate Washington   - -   Tennessee Titans  ADP: 10th round (38th ov) / Yahoo: 44th

     Nate's a guy that you can tell will be available late in your standard Yahoo drafts. He's an oft-forgotten yet stead commodity. All he does is routinely get you 70 yards and a touchdown threat every year. His ranking would be a bit higher had Kenny Britt been suspended for longer than just a solitary game. Kendall Wright's potential shouldn't hurt him too much.

35.  Denarius Moore   - -   Oakland Raiders  ADP: 11th round (39th overall) / Yahoo: 30th

     Apparently Yahoo isn't too frightened about Denarius preseason absence but should you be. All reports are 'optimistic' about his return for Week One, but would you sacrifice a good optimistic player or an average guarantee? Plus he was a lineup killer last year following a breakthrough game with an injury scratch then another stellar game then a 1 catch performance. I salute you if you have the stones to draft this risk

36.  Justin Blackmon   - -   Jacksonville Jaguars  ADP: 8th round (31st ov) / Yahoo: 43rd

     Another great player that Yahoo is sleeping on drafters! Let the record show that I was drinking the hater-aid immediately following the draft. Wringing my hands like a super-villain just waiting for stupid drafters to over reach for the top rookie wideout off the board in April. But I have to do a 180 on my preconceived opinion here. Blackmon was the reigning two time Bilentikoff award winner in college given to the best receiver on the college level. I dunno if that's ever been done before. And now he's doing the impossible.  Making Blaine Gabbert look good. At least in the preseason....

37.  Kendall Wright   - -   Tennessee Titans  ADP:  12th round (43rd overall) / Yahoo: 48th

     So just how well will Jake Locker do? I don't see many 300 yard games. Their run game will be just too good, plus Locker himself will take of and scramble a lot in what is basically a seasoned rookie year for him. In the preseason he has targeted Kendall Wright more than any other option and with good results. Despite a poor combine, Kendall appears to be in store for as suitable a rookie season as a receiver can expect... 700 yards - 4 or 5 touchdowns.

38.  Kenny Britt   - -   Tennessee Titans  ADP: 9th round (33rd WR overall) / Yahoo: 38th

     Kenny Britt must have been pretty polite in that shut door sit down meeting with the commissioner. One game? He's a repeat offender and not only that a repeat drunk driving offender and he poked fun of his consequences on twitter. I'm stunned. About as stunned as I was after the first two games last year, Kenny Britt was a supernova revelation. He's a touchdown machine sleeper you shouldn't hit snooze on.

39.  Greg Little   - -   Cleveland Browns  ADP: 12th round (45th WR overall) / Yahoo: 33rd

     I'm unsure why Yahoo is drinking the Cool aide on Greg Little. He has a Gabbert-esque looking rookie QB, plus he no longer is the undisputed No.1 wearing orange. Amazing supplemental draft pick Josh Gordon could develp a better connection with Weeden. Greg Little did just that in his rookie year. Granted Colt McCoy may not be the better NFL quality QB. Temper expectations here

40. Robert Meachem  - - San Diego Chargers ADP: 9th round (34th overall) / Yahoo: 34th

     I wasn't kidding. By a wide margin I'm passing on Meachem in near all drafts. He struggled to stay healthy in the Big Easy and although he was supposed to be the deep threat he never consistently produced. He followed big money to San Diego and still has an elite QB to get him the rock but I don't like him. He'll be the third option behind Gates and Floyd and at that point if the O-Line is allowing pressure he may just dump off to Ryan Mathews or slot man Eddie Royal

41.  Randle Cobb   - -   Green Bay Packers  ADP: 13th round (47th overall) / Yahoo: 45th

     I want to like Randle Cobb a lot. Reports are that the Packers could be dealing James Jones to his former offensive coordinator in Miami soon. If that's the case this becomes a big stock up. But I scale this back a little bit by saying that Cobb has looked mortal and average on the preseason field. They may protect him a little since he's their special teamer as well. But I still like this sleeper just don't reach

42. Danny Amendola  - - Saint Louis Rams  ADP: 11th round (42nd overall) / Yahoo: 54th

    Even if you're Yahoo team has already drafted go look. Good chance Sam Bradford's safety blanket is still there. And if you're team weighs in return yards all the better. The former Texas Tech product has amazing bare hands and a great knowledge of space and how to get open. He may do Wes Welker better than Wes Welker this year and that bad O-Line will mean he's Bradford's first read every time

43.  Alshon Jeffrey   - -   Chicago Bears  ADP: 13th round (51st overall) / Yahoo: 52nd

     At this point super late in the draft I have no problem with reaching for receivers with big upsides. If you're last pick isn't fun than you must have a lot on the line. This deep into the receiving corp, yards shouldn't be your primary concern, it should be touchdowns.  And with that philosophy you want big guys. Alshon Jeffrey is certainly that tipping the scales over 230 at a speed position. He will muscle at least 5 touchdowns this year

44.  Austin Collie   - -   Indianapolis Colts  ADP: 15th round (54th overall) / Yahoo: 51st

     I own Austin Collie in my commissioned yahoo league because I friend dropped him after his big preseason concussion against Blitzburgh. This has to be your biggest concern. Any player with that sort of injury history especially with brain trauma this year will see the field less and less out of his own protection. Yet, before that he looked to be Andrew Luck's favorite receiver. Big Risk / Reward here - but quality value at the last pick

45. Brandon LaFell   - -  Carolina Panthers ADP: 12th round (46th overall) / Yahoo: 67th

     Does anybody else find it weird that both Steve Smith's in the NFL got nasty foot infections recently. Like a twilight zone episode. Brandon LaFell has small hands. I hate to be a girl about this but he will never be an elite receiver because of that. Despite his 6'2" frame he will have the dropsies, but I'm looking for a Steve Smith backstep this year.  Maybe Louis Murphy will be that guy but LaFell in the system and familiar with Cam should help him take a step forward.

46.  Anquan Boldin   - -   Baltimore Ravens ADP: 10th round (36th overall) / Yahoo: 36th

     Clearly not a lot of love from the Hawk for the wiley ole' veteran. At this point in Anquan's career I find him to be a slighter faster slimmer tight end split out wide. His hands are great and his toughness over the middle is unmatched but the game breaking 30+ yard gains are a thing of the past. Boldin is the intermediary threat while Torrey will stretch and get your touchdowns. Just because he's had a great career doesn't mean he should be in your starting lineup - he's backup material now.

47.  Jonathan Baldwin   - -   Kansas City Chiefs  ADP: 15th round (53rd ov) / Yahoo: 50th

     Jonathan Baldwin was not a first round prospect when the Chiefs reached for him in the real draft. He broke his thumb in a preseason brawl with his own team and then was injured for a good half of the year. He showed a glimpse in the Monday night game against San Diego but the team has raved about his offseason dedication. With his size, if he can put it together he can be dangerous, a good last round pick.

48.  Lance Moore   - -   New Orleans Saints  ADP: 11th round (40th overall( / Yahoo: 42nd

     Lance Moore is an adequately average receiver. He would be cut on some other rosters because he lacks blazing speed. Still Drew Brees likes throwing to him and his break out year where he was healthy for all 16 games he was a difference maker. There is a void with Meachem being gone but he's lower on the pecking order. Get good draft value on Lance first.

49.  Mike Williams   - -   Tampa Bay Buccaneers  ADP: 13th round (49th ov) / Yahoo: 37th

     Mike Williams couldn't have a much more black and white reversal of fantasy fortune in his two years in the NFL. A rookie sensation who connected quickly with Freeman showing strong hands and swift cuts, and then a player who got lazy, overweight and admittedly feel asleep during team meetings. Well, it sounds like the veteran (Vincent Jackson) is having a good effect on him. Plus he won't have to win everything himself. 

50.  Michael Crabtree - -San Francisco 49ers  ADP: 13th round (50th overall)/Yahoo: 47th

     Michael Crabtree is slimmer and focused this year. The effect of Randy Moss and finally an injury free preseason without contract disputes. Unfortunately San Fran has stockpiling at the skill positions. They bring in free agents Manningham and Moss, draft Jenkins and all the while where's Crabs? He was very quiet in their postseason run, and sadly has fallen behind DHB in terms of fantasy potential.

51.  Santonio Holmes   - -   New York Jets  ADP: 12th round (44th overall) / Yahoo: 40th

     Hard Knocks tricked us into thinking that the Jets were a fun locker room kinda team with guys that were selfless and team players. Last year's implosion proved different. LT singled out Santonio personally calling him a cancer that wouldn't speak to Sanchez. If he's own personality isn't worthy enough of the downtick,I predict Tebow to be the starter by midseason which spells wide receiver doom for fantasy.

52.  Sidney Rice   - -   Seattle Seahawks ADP: 13th round (48th WR overall) / Yahoo: 41st

    My last rank goes to the ole' Brett Favre star. It seems outdated to call him that but that's what we must because that was the last year he was relevant. He should thank Brett for the big contract. Since he has battled shoulder maladies on either side and poor production. He was brought into replace Seattle's monstrous Mike Williams but Braylon Edwards has outplayed him so far in the preseason, stay tuned and watch for a depth chart shift but for now he's the No.1 you want.

Sleepers: Mario Manningham / Deverey Henderson / Braylon Edwards / Jerome Simpson / Steve Smith / James Jones

Avoid: Randy Moss / Santana Moss / Laurent Robinson / Emmanuel Sanders / Brian Quick

No one knows about them but they will soon: LeStar Jean / Michael Floyd / Rod Streater

With the primary positons off the board we have only 3 ranking posts left - Tight Ends first, then defenses and finally Kickers!

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