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Macon TelegraphAugust 23, 2012 

25.  Beanie Wells   - -   Arizona Cardinals   ADP: 8th round (28th RB overall) / Yahoo: 24th

     Beanie has been very quiet for this preseason nursing an injury but that's kinda how his career has been too. When he's on the field he's a constant TD threat and a dynamic player. Also this will be the first year he's in the timeshare that was intended with the drafting of Ryan Williams so high so he may not match the same production. With the uncertainty behind center, Arizona's run game could be depended on more. I like the incumbent over flashy healed Ryan Williams for now.

26.  Peyton Hillis   - -   Kansas City Chiefs  ADP: 6th round (24th RB overall) / Yahoo: 28th

     Peyton Hillis is the ideal fantasy runningback on paper. Nasty, receiving threat that gobbles up touchdowns. This latest victim of the Madden Curse only worries Calvin Johnson owners more. The White Buffalo imploded in Cleveland battling injuries, reports that he was quitting the team and downright cray-cray talk. Hopefully the change of scenery does him well because Kansas City will use him right and keep him fresh. He won't be a big yardage producer but he'll be a safe bet for a touch a game

27.  Reggie Bush   - -   Miami Dolphins  ADP: 5th round (22nd RB overall) / Yahoo: 20th

     You can tell in comparison that I'm down on the former USC Heisman. I prefer here to go with history. History has Reggie Bush as an injury risk that can't carry a full load. Plus he lost the regime that acquired and used him the best they could. Tony Sparano designed offenses around the runningback - Mike Sherman may spread the wealth more, plus there may be a stronger timeshare with a healthier Daniel Thomas and an intruiging option in speedsize rookie Lamaar Miller. I can't agree with how high he's going right now.

28.  Jonathan Stewart   - -   Carolina Panthers  ADP: 8th round (33rdRB ov) / Yahoo: 25th

     Now with both of the Panther runningbacks signed to big extensions we can expect to worry and guess about who to draft each year. Unless you're dealing with a clear cut pass receiver (Jamaal Charles, Darren Sproles, Fred Jackson)I usually take the bigger touchdown threat of the two. He won't be limited like a Michael Bush - plus he's healthier and more talented than his counterpart. But the timeshare will give you a sliver of a good player. Really you can only hope one of them gets injured to give you good value and then what kind of a person have you become

29. Mark Ingram  - -  New Orleans Saints  ADP: 9th round (34th RB overall) / Yahoo: 38th

     Yahoo has Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram right next to each other in ranks but I think Ingram is a great sleeper. Ingram never really showed his true potential last year because of nagging injuries. This year Darren Sproles hasn't seen the field much because of his own maladies. I do believe Pierre Thomas is going much later than he should especially in Points Per Reception, but I think Mark Ingram may become a bigger part of the offense. Keep in mind the interim interim coach for the first 6 games will be the Saints offensive line coach/running game coordinator. Ingram is the best smashmouth option

30.  Donald Brown   - -   Indianapolis Colts  ADP: 6th round (25th overall) / Yahoo: 36th

     Donald Brown is someone we all remember as a backup. Maybe you drafted him his rookie year when he was a first round pick and he disappointed. But he finished last year strong and took his first catch of the preseason to the house from 60 yards plus. He looks to be the explosive first round worthy pick out of UCONN. His average draft position has climbed steadily in the past month and you might want to jump on the bandwagon despite the Colts potential struggles in that division this year.

31.  Ben Tate   - -   Houston Texans  ADP: 8th round (31st RB overall) / Yahoo: 41st

     Yahoo has no love for a player that some might mistake as a handcuff. Ben Tate started only a couple games last year and still playing in that timeshare almost reached a 1000 yards and had an amazing average yards per carry. He may have a better skill set than Arian Foster in terms of size and speed but he's just a bum ankle away from being a top 10 worthy runningback. It's hard to make a backup a sleeper but he's a sleeping dragon that could torch the town if awakened.

32.  Cedric Benson   - -   Green Bay Packers  ADP: 8th round (32nd overall) / Yahoo: 59th

     As you can tell by the Yahoo ranking, I sure hope you didn't draft the first weekend in August. This recent acquisition by the Pack spells James Starks' doom. There is no way that the team will lean on rookie Alex Green or second year player Brandon Saine. Cedric Benson will be the primary option it appears with Alex Green keeping him fresh. On the down side, Cincinnati wanted nothing to do with their clearcut starter the last few years, and even Oakland kicked the tires before saying no. But Benson, who's rushed for a 1000 yards pretty consistently the last 5 years, is playing for the veteran minimum salary. He'll have something to prove - Great sleeper.

33.  CJ Spiller   - -   Buffalo Bills  ADP: 9th round (35th overall) / Yahoo: 35th

     I can't believe I have CJ Spiller this high. He was the most electric player in college his senior year and has simply fizzled in a blue uniform. Chan Gailey hates him for reasons unknown and even when given the opportunity to perform last year with Fred Jackson out - he simply didn't. I think he may have scored you decent pointage once in the tail end of the '11 season. He will be a 3rd down option on a suddenly potent passing attack and he's one of the top tier handcuffs out there but I don't own him on any of my already drafted leagues.

34. Rashad Jennings -- Jacksonville Jaguars  ADP: 10th round (40th overall)/Yahoo: 65th

     I just recently moved Jennings this high on my board. The MJD mess looks terminal and I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade. This reminds me of the Carson Palmer mess from a year ago. The Bengals swore up and down that they would not trade their player on principle alone. Principle lasts until late October when you realize you need to get value before the trade deadline. Rashad Jennings is a solid bet at least to start the first month on an underrated Jacksonville offensive line that will play some easy rush opponents.  Enjoy

35.  Stevan Ridley  - -  New England Patriots  ADP: 8th round (30th overall) / Yahoo: 32nd

     I'm honestly mortified of the New England runningback situation. They bring in Joseph Addai and then cut him. Two years ago they sign a Jets practice squad player and make Danny Woodhead a sporadic runningback option. But who will be the touchdown banger for the goaline Pats squad. I'll take Ridley over Vereen but both of these players are the same age and have similar skill set. One isn't really a better receiver but Stevan has just a slight edge on size. He could be a great sleeper or a typical New England bust. Those worries kock him down a peg in my ratings

36.  Isaac Redmon   - -   Pittsburgh Steelers  ADP: 8th round (29th overall) / Yahoo: 27th

     Again another potential bust candidate I'm keeping low. People are starved for starters at this point in their drafts but Redmon is knicked up. And he's a temporary starter.  Reshard Mendenhall is already practicing with the team. It won't be a true shock to see him in the lineup by Week 3 or 4, which may be more impressive than Adrian Peterson's comeback. Redmon is a plodder and will be asked to move the chains exclusively. Chris Rainey looks to be their out of the backfield option and it's possible Jonathan Dwyer starts week 1. Too many red marks here.

37.  Michael Bush   - -   Chicago Bears   ADP: 10th round (39th overall) / Yahoo: 33rd

     I own Matt Forte in my Yahoo commissioned league and I fret over Michael Bush. The team will bring Michael Bush in anytime the team sniffs the redzone. Michael Bush is used to playing behind stars and quietly being consistent and productive when said starters fall.  He could be a sneaky play to score in the range of 7-10 touchdowns on the year. Really with a runningback this late - that's pretty safe for a bye week or injury filler.

38.  Toby Gerhart   - -   Minnesota Vikings   ADP: 11th round (42nd overall) / Yahoo: 48th

     Toby at one point was a good ten spots higher but I keep knocking him down because it just sounds more and more promising in Minneapolis for AP. Tobe is a solid producer but I honestly thought he would translate into a much better Pro. He's has looked plain and borderline not startable. He's worthy of a late pick especially if you are a Peterson owner.


Best of the Rest: DeAngelo Williams / Evan Royster / JacQuizz Rodgers

Average Options in Deepers leagues: David Wilson / Ryan Williams / LeGerrette Blount

Avoid: Roy Helu / James Starks / Jahvid Best

On to the longest and most variable of draft ranks. The best of the best wide receivers!

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