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May 6, 2012 

It is not uncommon for me to receive around 400 electronic letters each week. Most are in direct response to on-air conversations during NewsTalk Central’s morning radio, television and Internet program.

From time to time I like to share some of the serious and off-the-wall comments and questions I receive via e-mail, private messaging on Facebook, texts and in conversation. It is entertaining to hear what you are thinking.


You do not have to be insane to be evil. And this woman (Sade King) that starved her child clearly is evil. I would bet that her actions toward the victim were motivated by a custody battle with the father or just spite toward the father.


KB: Whatever her motivation I trust her life in prison is exactly that -- life in prison and parole will not be considered.


I heard the caller named Dee say you are not fair about Dr. Dallemand’s travels. You were upset when you thought the taxpayer’s were going to pay for it and at least 15 times. Now that Dr. D claims he will pay for his Belgium trip you only complimented him three times. That is not fair and that’s why people do not like you.


KB: In this space I add a fourth congratulation to Superintendent Dallemand for using his own charge card. While teachers are in an economic pinch in their classrooms I think it is prudent for him to pay for such excessive excursions. As far as listeners/viewers liking me, I do not form my opinion based on whether it will be popular or not. To quote the late Andy Rooney, “Being liked is nice, but it’s not my intent.”

Kenny and Charles:

It is totally wrong for Bibb County or any school system to classify students living with neighbors or their grandparents as “homeless” children. Homeless means you have no place to call home.


KB: We may not agree with it but the law allows the school systems to classify a child homeless if he or she lives with someone that does not have legal guardianship. That would include a grandparent who has a child living with them but the grandparent doesn’t have custody.

I have no doubt resources are needed, my question remains, do we need and can we afford dormitories for “troubled” students?


Will you watch the new movie, “The Avengers”? I do not plan to go as long as they refuse to make one of the super heroes black.


KB: Go to the movie, have fun. I hear Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) controls the super “freaks” and is the boss.


Great job on the latest parody song you played about Dallemand. It is very clever. Can you tell me who did it and how I may obtain a copy?


KB: The NewsTalk Central singers are responsible for “Hello, Dallemand!” Currently it is not available to the public. However, that could change in the future.

Kenny and Charles: I just wanted to inform you that Macon’s MSA for 2011 had the highest pedestrian death rate in the state, 3.3 per 100,000 persons. Among Georgia’s 159 counties Bibb County had the fifth highest ranking in the state.


KB: No doubt, when prudent, road engineers must consider additional overhead cross walks, sidewalks, bicycle paths and trails in their planning. I know that you would agree that the circumstances of each pedestrian death have to be considered and it cannot be assumed urban sprawl and poor road design are the problems.

Kenny Burgamy serves as a marketing consultant and is co-host of the Kenny B. Charles E., TV, radio and Internet program.

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