Phil Mickelson Masters news conference

Macon TelegraphApril 3, 2012 

Overall feelings entering the tournament

I'm glad this week is finally here. As a golfer, this is the week we look forward to the most and probably are thinking about since the last major championship, the PGA. So the entire offseason, we have been dreaming about this week starting. I've been here now five days or so preparing and getting ready. I'm just excited that the week is finally here. It's my favorite week of the year, and I just enjoy every minute of it.

On playing well or not playing well entering the tournament and the effect on the tournament

I don't know if that matters either way. You have to be prepared when you get here. For me personally, I like how I've kind of built into this week. I started at Bay Hill, started to play some good golf but hit a few loose shots. Eliminated a lot of the loose shots last week and steadily got better. I had three days last week here on the course, as well. I feel like I'm playing well and I'm looking forward to this week.

On his success on the greens

I think that it's easier to remember the breaks than it is to see them. And the greens are very challenging to actually see what the ball is going to do, to be able to visualize what it will do on the surface. They are so fast that everything is magnified. If you do get it a little bit off line, it just gets magnified and goes even further off line. Reading them is the most important thing.

On preparing for the tournament

It allows me to relearn the course and to execute a lot of the shots that I will be hitting throughout the week. It usually gets magnified at tournament time, meaning the course will get a little bit firmer, faster greens, and will get a little bit firmer and tighter around the greens.

I don't know if that's going to happen this week. It seems that some of the planning I have made may go by the wayside. As soft as the golf course is, you can fire at a lot of the pins. The greens are soft. I don't want to say they are slow, but it's just not the same Augusta. It's wet around the greens, and there's no fear of the course. You've got to attack it this week.

Unless something changes, and I know they have SubAir and hopefully they will be able to use it, but unless they change it, it's going to be a birdie‑fest.

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