State Senate approves Macon-Bibb consolidation today

mlee@macon.comMarch 20, 2012 

ATLANTA -- The state Senate formally approved a proposal to consolidate Macon and Bibb’s governments Tuesday afternoon.

The vote was 47-1.

The proposal is very similar to a measure that has already passed the state House. Of the few edits, “most were just technical,” said state Sen. Cecil Staton, R-Macon. He and state Sen. Miriam Paris signed off on the measure.

Staton also said the draft district map for the nine-member city-county commission is slightly different from what the House approved, though it should result in the same seat distribution as the House map. That one suggested five seats that are safe for Democrats, two that are safe for the GOP, and the final two are competitive but leaning Republican.

The bill also corrects editing mistakes from the House version. The Senate measure added a coroner, and it deleted a reference to a police chief. There was no intention to have any police chief. The top cop will be the county sheriff.

Now that the Senate has approved the bill, it returns to the House for final approval.

Then the question will appear on the July 31 general primary ballot. For the merge to happen, a majority of Macon and Bibb voters must approve.

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