Gig Guide

March 16, 2012 


Mag TardFestival time at the Rookery is busy. Get there early if you want to claim a space at the bar. Get there even earlier if you want to eat. $5. 21 and up. 10 p.m.

Louise WarrenTear the roof off one place and then go somewhere else and do it again. $5. 21 and up. 10 p.m.


King Orchid, the Dirty Dishes, and Trendlendbergnote auth="Eldredge McCready" coll="0" ctime="1cd00d0 2c10fe3" mtime="1cd00d0 2c10fe3">to SXSW in Austin, Texas. King Orchid is experimental and interesting. Their music conjures up thoughts of a wagon with wheels that look as if they are about to come off but never does. Dirty Dishes is fast paced and talented. Their lead singer, Jenny Tuite, sings with a sense of desperation as if making it through each song is the most important thing that will happen in her life. They will be joined on stage by Macon’s own Trendlendberg and his fun singer/songwriter hijinks. Free, but donations encouraged. 18 and up.

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