The overflowing ‘B’ Pile

March 4, 2012 

Coalesce for consolidation:

Hear those cheers? It is the pro-business community applauding our local delegation for accomplishing something Washington could only hope to do. That is, members we send to the General Assembly have demonstrated a spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship.

This courageous group, led by Rep. Nikki Randall, D-Macon, crafted a bill to finally bring Macon/Bibb County together. House Bill 1171, authored by Randall, reflects a number of key elements addressed in previous studies offered by C. Jack Ellis’ commission and the bill created by former state Sen. Robert Brown.

Major points that can’t be overlooked include; a trigger for making local government more efficient, fewer commissioners and term limits. Much gratitude for a job well done should be shown Rep. Randall and the newest members of the team; Rep. James Beverly and state Sen. Miriam Paris.

There will be negative voices denouncing this plan. Those attempting to thwart the constructive steps that have been accomplished by Randall and her team are living in a long-gone era. To quote Mayor Robert Reichert, “Macon is finally getting its act together.”

Super Tuesday:

It may be called Super Tuesday, but I find the process this year super tedious. I can honestly say I’ve not early voted because I can’t decide. My heart says Rick Santorum, my wallet demands Mitt Romney.

For over a year I’ve watched the GOP hopefuls make their cases for why they should be the nominee. Without exception, the final four all have authentic qualities I admire.

The intellect and historical perspective Newt Gingrich possesses is unmatched. The former Speaker of the House is head and shoulders over his challengers in understanding the complexities of the Middle East. There’s no doubt where Newt stands when it comes to supporting Israel, and he makes no apologies for America’s greatness around the world.

Personally, I respect Romney’s business acumen and the fact he was a governor is a distinctive trait that lends to success in building coalitions between the executive branch and legislative branch.

Santorum’s spiritual and personal convictions are to be admired, but his message gets muddled by constantly having to defend his theology as consistent with orthodox Christian teachings.

And Ron Paul knows the U.S. Constitution better than the other three put together. I hope we’ve learned from his passionate plea to follow this supreme law of our country.

At this juncture, I remain undecided.

A Monkee in Macon:

I’m not sure what I really expected when I first saw Davy Jones walk through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. When he made his way off the escalator, headed in my direction, he was carrying his own garment bag draped over his right shoulder. Davy was accompanied by his personal assistant Deborah Robicheau.

In late May 2008, Jones was contracted to serve as spokesperson for the former Atlantic Southern Bank. Serving as the bank’s marketing director allowed me the opportunity to enjoy three days getting to know the former frontman for the ’60s pop group, The Monkees.

I spent a great deal of time hanging out with the Tony Award nominee, singer and once teen idol. It was an ongoing interview where Davy sat comfortably and talked with me, and I observed as he interacted with others around our community.

Not until the news of his sudden death last Wednesday did I ever think of utilizing all those remarkable stories he had shared with me.

Unlike a lot of former television and music stars that have allowed their personal lives to be marred by drugs, booze and endless spending, David T. Jones lived a relatively quiet, yet remarkable life.

May I suggest his autobiography -- Davy Jones: Daydream Believin’?

Kenny Burgamy serves as a marketing consultant and is co-host of the Kenny B. Charles E., TV, radio and Internet program.

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