Perry pastor’s 9/11 song a salute of 12-plus minutes

jkovac@macon.comSeptember 11, 2011 

Roland Fall has distilled the 9/11 disaster to 700 or so words.

The 12½-minute-long song he wrote a few years after the 2001 terror attack was recently recorded with a band, with him singing.

Fall, an associate pastor at Perry United Methodist Church, has been a Christian musician and songwriter for years.

“As everyone was, I was deeply moved by 9/11, a very difficult situation for our country and for lots of people,” Fall said. “I just decided one day I would like to write a song that told about that day and the struggles of that day and the heroes of that day.”

Fall titled the song simply enough: “The Tragedy of 9/11.”

He said it “tells the whole story of that day.”

“It’s kind of a long song, but I really didn’t care because I thought it deserved whatever length it took to tell the story completely as I thought it should be told,” Fall, a 60-year-old Savannah native, said.

The song includes the refrain:

The Towers were burning,

Black smoke filled the sky.

The Pentagon was burning,

O God, hear our cry.

The countryside was burning,

O God, see us through.

The Towers were burning,

Loved ones searched the news.

Fall wrote the tune with the thought that goodness inspires goodness in mind.

“The approach to life that builds up, that lifts up, that fosters life and helps and cares about others is what produces long-term results,” he said. “The hijackers, in my view, were misguided in what they did, hoping to achieve something ... that can’t be achieved except through love.”

“The Tragedy of 9/11” can be downloaded from for 99 cents.

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