Macon-Bibb County animal shelter cleanup nears end

cgrant@macon.comAugust 18, 2011 

Thursday is the last day of a state-mandated cleaning of the Macon-Bibb County Animal Control shelter.

The Macon shelter closed this week and euthanized several of the puppies it held in order to control outbreaks of disease.

The rooms and cages have been steam-cleaned and the facility will be foam-sanitized, officials said. Pest control will bomb the building Thursday to kill roaches that currently roam the walls and floors.

Nearby, more than 40 adult dogs are being temporarily held at Central City Park until the shelter is cleared for the animals to be moved back in.

“We moved the animals to a temporary location until we could actually get this place clean,” said Robert Carr, interim director of Animal Control. “We were mandated and directed by the state that we had to have all the animals moved, so that we can clean the shelter without having it recontaminated by animals who may be carrying (disease) on them when they come back.”

Officials hope they can move back in Thursday evening or Friday. Then the animals will undergo a two-week quarantine, said Darrell Watts, a senior animal control officer.

The emergency measures are to control outbreaks of parvo and giardia, said Jami Gaudet, public information officer for the Macon Police Department, which oversees the animal shelter. The diseases can be fatal to animals, especially puppies.

Dozens of residents and representatives from local rescue groups have volunteered, assisting with the cleaning to bringing necessary materials, such as trash bags, bleach and dog food. Some rescue groups have even pinpointed dogs they would like to take in, Carr said.

“It’s actually nice,” Kathryn Spears said of the temporary shelter at Central City Park, as she helped disinfect bowls and cages behind the 11th Street shelter Wednesday. “Most of them have their own cages there. If more people came out and volunteered, they’d see there’s really a need for a new shelter.”

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