Evans lost a lot in one night

sports@macon.comJuly 7, 2010 

Can you imagine Damon Evans’ life a week ago today?

He was the athletics director at a major university — a job he probably could have held for the next 25 years. He made a great living, with a raise kicking in the next day. And he had a family.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

But all of that ended with one horrible night in Buckhead.

Whether or not he still has a family is probably to be determined. The horrible part of this story is what Evans’ did to his family. What does he tell his children, who are old enough to know their dad won’t be the top Georgia Bulldog anymore? And how can he look his wife in the eye after all of this?

There is a simple explanation for why Evans did what he did. It’s the same reason Michael Vick did what he did and why Tiger Woods did what he did.

It’s the reason baseball players used steroids when they knew it was wrong and the reason athletes get arrested on a regular basis.


We all have it, whether we are successful at what we do or not. It’s a question of whether we can control it that will sometimes determine our circumstances and consequences.

Evans got into that car last Wednesday night, allegedly intoxicated, with someone who was not his wife because he thought he could get away with it. He thought because he was the athletics director at the University of Georgia his actions did not matter.

He was the big shot AD. That’s what he tried to portray to the trooper when he mentioned not only who he was but what he was. He thought what he was would get him out of the trouble he had created for himself.

Don’t be naive and think last Wednesday was the first night Evans has done what he did. Rumors have floated for years about his lifestyle. It only took a few years for him to get caught.

The incident showed that his pattern of behavior was destructive. This wasn’t a one-time mistake. It was, instead, him doing what he does and getting exposed.

People make mistakes all the time. How many times have we heard of someone at dinner having one too many drinks and getting pulled over? It happens. It doesn’t make it right, but it does happen. You always just hope no one gets hurt because of that mistake.

This wasn’t a case of Evans being out to dinner with his wife and having one more drink than he should. Would that have made it a bit more forgivable? Perhaps. It wouldn’t have made it right, but it would have been obvious Evans made a mistake.

This was a nightmare. This was a man with a very important position doing something he shouldn’t have been doing with someone he shouldn’t have been with.

And it was all because he thought he could get away with it.

It’s sad in a way to see someone with such a bright future throw it all away for a cheap thrill. Evans could have held this job for the rest of his career, but now he has to find a way to repair it.

Don’t feel sorry for Evans. A little voice inside his head should have told him before he got into that car and before he took up with his “friend” that he has a wife and kids at home and a responsibility to live up to a certain standard considering his position.

Instead, Evans’ ego got in the way.

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