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McClatchy NewspapersJune 15, 2008 

An eight-month McClatchy investigation of the detention system created after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has found that the U.S. imprisoned innocent men, subjected them to abuse, stripped them of their legal rights and allowed Islamic militants to turn the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba into a school for jihad. Here's a guide to the contents of our online report.

  • Today: We got the wrong guys
  • Coming Monday: 'I guess you can call it torture'
  • Coming Tuesday: A school for Jihad
  • Coming Wednesday: 'Due process is legal mumbo-jumbo'
  • Coming Thursday: 'You are the king of this prison'

DETAINEES PROFILE DATABASE: Read 66 profiles and data cards of former U.S. detainees. Many have photos, audio or video.

READ THE EVIDENCE: Browse an archive of documents obtained by McClatchy in the course of this investigation.




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