Thursday's top stories on

July 13, 2007 

Here is a list of the 10 most-viewed stories Thursday on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Toddler killed in car accident / 4,684 page views

2. UPDATE: Seven men arrested in Twiggs County child Internet sting / 3,169 page views

3. Man arrested after deputy held at gunpoint / 2,493 page views

4. Police investigate overnight shooting / 2,159 page views

5. Man arrested for growing marijuana plants / 1,507 page views

6. 4th person arrested in beating of teen near Six Flags / 1,196 page views

7. Infant left in car dies / 1,162 page views

8. Mother says her baby's talking got them kicked off of airplane / 1,090 page views

9. Former President Carter talks to Blue Bird employees at religious service / 1,023 page views

10. Reichert leads in raising funds / 1,011 page views

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